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Vinyasa Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat ~ MĀ Yoga

Oct 22, 2022 – Oct 29, 2022
With Katyanna Ryan and Chantelle Mussell

Bringing ourselves into a new space to explore movement, nature, and sound healing can feel like shifting dimensions. It is in these spaces when we come out of familiar routines, that we have the opportunity to transition. If you have heard the calling to take a step out of daily life and join us in a tropical oasis, we have crafted just the program for you.

Join us in Sayulita, Mexico at the Haramara Retreat Centre for a week of reflection, community, and self-compassion. Together we will explore daily vinyasa classes, grounded in discussions about yoga philosophy and how to integrate yogic practices into your everyday life. Our evenings will be spent relaxing in restorative yoga classes with live music and sound baths.

Packages include:

Our teachings are grounded in storytelling, song, and living the practices of yoga. We are so excited to create a sacred space with you and allow each participant to find a connection to the practice and in the group space.

Our bodies will be fed with exquisite meals, freshly prepared and vibrant. This week has all of the ingredients for a deeply nourishing experience that will meet you exactly where you are.


Single $3,950 CAD+GST

Double $3,440 CAD+GST

Triple/Quad $2800 CAD+GST

Dorm $2,550 CAD+GST

Prices in CAD-Prices include 7 nights of accommodation, all meals, and programming.

Pricing Specials:

$650 CAD deposit holds your space in the retreat. All tuition is due September 22, 2022.

Type of Retreat: Creative, Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Katyanna Ryan
Contact Email: katyanna@mayoga.ca
Contact Phone Number: 12508800553
Online Registration: https://mayoga.ca/workshops/
Website: https://mayoga.ca/

About the Instructors:

Katyanna Ryan

My story with yoga began unexpectedly in the basement of a worn down church when I was a teenager. The building was partially abandoned and surely condemned. I was driven there 10% out of curiosity and 90% to make my devout Christian mother uncomfortable. Ten minutes later I found myself surrounded by people dressed in white, feeling light headed as the room panted, chanted, and rolled around like animals writhing in pain. My delicate adolescent psyche could barely withstand the “uncoolness” of it all. I began to ask myself if the pale look of terror I would receive from my mother when I told her I had joined a religious cult was worth it.Two hours later I’m speed walking to my vehicle trying to put distance between myself and what I had just encountered. I felt loopy, famished, and had just mustered all the dignity I had left “recreating” my own birth. The level of bizarre activity was something I had no intention of speaking of again and needless to say, I would not be returning. The next day, however, I awoke with a lightness in my body and a freedom of movement through my spine that, at that point in my life, was an unparalleled sensation. To my surprise, I did go the following week, and the week after that. Before I knew it, these practices became a regular thing for me. I continued to explore other practices and I was struck by how different I continued to feel. Yoga became an invaluable companion to me through my early teens and twenties that drastically altered my life.

I became interested in teaching and apprenticed my first teacher in 2006 studying hatha yoga. I moved to India shortly after and began intense study in Ashtanga Yoga and philosophy, Chanting/Sound Yoga, and traditional Hatha with Lalit Kumar and Vinay Kumar as well as study in Ayurvedic Practices.
Inspired by Ayurveda, wellness, and movement I began to lead Ayurvedic retreats in Nicaragua for part of the year and took a position as a senior yoga instructor for the Himalaya Yoga Valley Teacher Training School in Goa and Dharamsala, India for the other part.
In 2011 I moved back to Victoria, BC to embark on the study of Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College and my perspective on yoga became rocked with the influence of Taoism.

In 2012 I established the Brahmanda School of Yoga. Since then, my fellow teachers and I have graduated hundreds of professionals in the practices of Yoga. The teacher training program has taught me so much about how to show up everyday, no matter what is happening, and how to hold space for people who are working hard to show up for themselves.

Opening the MĀ Institute of Yoga and Wellness has been a culmination of inspirations that have taken place on and off the mat. I am inspired by our ability to change forms in unpredictable ways and the grace that practicing yoga can give us in transitions. I am passionate about providing education that empowers the student and gets them to the place where they are asking the big questions about themselves. I believe in “straight talk” when it comes to learning about yoga and want to bring the teachers that are embodying the practices.

Ultimately, the fruit of the practices show up in our authenticity: in who we are, our clarity in how we approach our world, how we communicate who we are, and in our ability to love. I am struck every day by what a tremendous blessing it was to have walked through the doors of that rented church years ago with no intention at all of altering my world views. I guess you never know when a small act will veer you into a new course, and it’s exciting to now hold a space that could have similar implications for someone else.

Chantelle Mussell

My introduction to the world of holistic health and wellness started at a very young age. My mom has always owned and operated a spa out of our family home, and she became a certified yoga teacher when I was in my early 20’s. Deva Premal was always on repeat on the family CD player.
My love of yoga, meditation, and sacred sound healing began when I met MĀ’s Founder, Katyanna Ryan. My first class with her–on my birthday no less–she sang mantras, played the harmonium beautifully, and guided us in Sanskrit through each movement. I was captivated. A few short weeks later, Katyanna and I found ourselves in Panama on an incredible yoga retreat, and the seeds of our budding partnership were planted.  I took the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program through Brahmanda School of Yoga and discovered a deep sense of appreciation for the performance aspect of teaching.

I have been a musician for most of my life, and co-creating our urban musical wellness sanctuary, MĀ Institute of Yoga and Wellness, has been the greatest blessing. I teach Restorative Yoga with Sacred Sound and believe deep in my bones that making music while guiding restorative classes is precisely where I am supposed to be.