On-Site Activities

Hike the property and walk the roads and trails through the jungle surrounding us taking in the spectacular views while discovering the flora and fauna of the land. Take advantage of our pristine beaches, for sun, sand and solitude. Walk, read or even stretch out for a nap.

Enjoy our pool area with food and beverage service, where you can swim, relax in a lounge chair, sunbathe and meet up with your friends.

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Off-Site Activities

There are many excursions available that allow you to see and experience the area surrounding us. Get out on the water with a whale-watching, snorkeling, or surfing excursion and get into the jungle with a horseback riding, zip line canopy, crocodile refuge or ancient petroglyph tour.

Here you are not just observing nature; you are in it.

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Life in Haramara

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Guests at Haramara have the opportunity to see native flora and fauna, dolphins, turtles, humpback whales during their annual migration (Nov – Apr), incredible varieties of butterflies, dozens of species of birds, and reptiles as well as tropical fish, mantas and ocean critters. The local flora comprises hardwood trees, mangroves , bamboo, and palms.

Protecting The Jungle

Haramara Retreat is deeply committed to the protection of the pristine jungle surrounding Haramara Retreat, Sayulita, in the State of Nayarit and to preserving its cultural and ecological diversity. For that purpose, we created the popular hike to the Cerro del Mono (Monkey Mountain), which is one of the sacred sites of the Huichol culture.

The spectacular view from the top of the mountain will give you a sense of the area’s beauty, which is the home of jaguars, pumas, deers, and a vast biodiversity of flora and fauna. Haramara Retreat has been protecting this area for the past 18 years, which implies legal costs, consultants and a partnership with Pro Sayulita, a legal non-profit organization devoted to the protection of rural and urban areas of state.

Tours Details

Guided tour by our staff members Enrico and Miguel, and 3 hours in length, departing at 6:30 am from Haramara via shuttles.
A 15 minute drive will take the group to the foot of the mountain. We will reach the top by sunrise where we will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific coast of Nayarit and the Western Sierra Madre. Upon return you will be receiving a fresh coconut water and a Haramara breakfast.

The cost of the donation is 90 usd per person. The cost of the walk will go directly to Pro Sayulita. Please pay with cash directly to your guides. If unable, Haramara Retreat also accepts payment by credit card.

Together we will preserve the magnificence of the Haramara Retreat area for us and future generations.

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