A Taste of Haramara

A Cook Book by Haramara Retreat

The food we serve is designed to seduce our senses, nourish and please our taste and enrich us every time on all levels of being.
Following the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, we believe that every meal should be like a ceremony to life and that food should be beautifully presented, nutritionally balanced and healing through its fresh ingredients, rich basic components and appropriate combinations of textures and chemistry.

All meals at Haramara are extraordinary, made with organic, fresh, natural and local ingredients. They are enjoyed in beauty surrounded by the natural colors, aromas and sounds of the jungle and the ocean, which reminds us of the deepest meaning of existence.

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This book is a way to share a little bit of Haramara with the rest of the world. Those who have been here, know that this a place unlike any other. Part of what it makes it unique is the creativity in its cuisine.

Through the pages of this book, you will be able to recreate some of the best dishes. 

Thank you to all for the staff and guests who make this dream come alive.  And everyone who took a part, however directly or indirectly, in the creation of this book.