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Apr 20 – 27, 2024

Are you feeling the call to slow down, connect with your intuitive self, bring harmony to your nervous system, and reignite your levity and joy?

Retreat to the jungle-ocean paradise of Haramara (“Mother Sea”) and immerse yourself in a nourishing environment where you can show up as you are and embrace the vibrancy of your essence. Join our intimate-sized group for a uniquely curated program designed to help you cultivate your Essential Self and emerge feeling more YOU than ever.


Each day we will gather in the elegant eco pavilions for a variety of activities including movement, meditation, breathwork, intuition building workshops, sound healing, and more. There will also be ample free time to peruse the gorgeous retreat grounds, enjoy the views from the saltwater infinity pool and hot tub, walk the private beach, swim in the healing ocean waters, rest deeply, eat delicious meals, explore the nearby town of Sayulita, and make new friends. (Optional excursions available at an additional cost.)

Using the tools of embodied practices in the setting of our natural environment, you will nourish and strengthen your relationship to your Essential Self through 4 main components:

  1. Movement (yoga, qigong, improvisation & play, authentic movement)
  2. Meditation (breathing techniques, mindfulness, guided self-reflection)
  3. Intuition & Healing (sound baths, intuition building practices, group energy reading)
  4. Connection to Nature (earth-based practices, immersion in our peaceful surroundings without the distraction of screens or wifi)

The retreat programming is carefully designed to offer a balance of space for inner stillness, reflection and healing, as well as opportunities to connect, play, learn, and grow amongst a sweet community of curious and open-hearted people. We have the luxury of being an intimate sized group, which allows for more personalized instruction and quality 1:1 time.

All activities are optional and nothing is mandatory. Come as you are, bring all of you, and discover the joy in following the rhythm of your inner nature. You will be supported and celebrated in all the ways!

Packages include:

  • All lodging and meals (including a 19% Mexican tax)
  • 7 nights accommodation in beautiful, naturally constructed casitas with private bathrooms
  • 3 delicious locally crafted meals per day (vegan, vegetarian, and fish/seafood options)
  • Access to retreat grounds infinity pool, hot tub, common spaces, and private beach
  • All retreat programming including classes, workshops, sound healing, and authentic Mexican cacao ceremony


  • Airfare to Puerto Vallarta & airport transfer
  • Off-site excursions
  • Private spa services
  • Alcohol, specialty drinks
  • Staff gratuities


  • Private Single Casita: $3800 p/person (limited availability)
  • Double Shared Casita: $2800 p/person
  • Triple Shared Casita: $2500 p/person
  • Female Dorm: $2300 p/person (limited availability)

Pricing Specials:

  • Sign up with a friend or loved one and save $100 each
  • Payment plan available upon request

Type of Retreat: Creative, Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Dana Hersh
Contact Email: dana@fieldofcolors.com
Contact Phone Number: 404-903-2759
Online Registration: https://www.danahersh.com/event-details/the-essential-you-2024-retreat
Website: https://www.danahersh.com

About the Instructors:

Dana Hersh

Dana is thrilled to welcome you on this special journey. One of her gifts is to offer doorways into inner wisdom. As a professional intuitive, teacher, and healer she helps people like you gain clarity, release blocks, cultivate self-empowerment, and shine from within. Dana draws from a variety of experience and training that informs her life work. She has been dancing and playing music since she was little, and exploring her connection with energy and spirituality since age 20. For more about her background and training, visit Dana’s page here.

Andrew Cox

A lifelong learner and true devotee of yoga, Andrew helps people stabilize sensitivity and awaken deeper aspects of their true self. His gentle and focused teaching weaves together a fusion of Qigong, Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga and meditation. Each class has a unique approach depending on the moment and group needs. Some classes lean on an abundance of breathwork techniques and meditation, while other classes are more movement centered to get the qi flowing through the channels and open up the body. People often walk away from Andrew’s classes feeling centered, grounded, and clear.

Andrew has a wide array of teacher training and certification in Kundalini Yoga (220 hrs), Sattva Yoga (300 hrs), Sattva master level (150 hrs), Qigong (200 hrs), 2+ months of active Sattva Jyotish training, 80 hours of Nitya Devi (“The Rays of the Eternal Goddess”), 40 hours of Dasha Mahavidyas (Classical Tantric Yoga), and a whole lot of personal practice. When he’s not practicing yoga, you can find Andrew out skiing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, working out, building things, painting, or researching topics of interest. He is overjoyed to be a part of The Essential You retreat team and looks forward to the journey with you!


“Dana’s ‘Essential You’ retreat was exactly that – essential! I felt so open and free during the whole experience, at a much needed time in my life. I found a lot of SELF. Dana is a remarkable being and I’m beyond satisfied for meeting a woman like her. Thank you Dana!” —Tkeyah Cook

“Dana delivers a unique experience for all, offering many gifts through her own vessel of beauty, grace, love, understanding, fun, and humor. She simultaneously leads the individual and the group through a transformative process while developing a harmonious community of heart and soul. I walked away from the Essential You retreat with clarity, direction, insight, new friends, and a better person. 5+ stars for Dana.” —Sandy Adamski

“This retreat has been life changing for me. Dana held an amazing space for inner connection and brought together an incredible community. I loved the breath work, energy, sound healing and aura practices, and got so much insight. This has been a great catapult for me to bring this new found clarity and balance into my life. Thank you Dana – please keep sharing your light and love with all – it’s contagious.” —Brad Bemis

“The sense of support and community we were able to build with each other is one of my biggest takeaways from the Essential You retreat. I loved feeling so open to share my triumphs and difficulties, because we were all feeling open, thanks to the authentic container Dana held. And I absolutely loved my private reading with Dana! It was validating, reaffirming, and highly accurate without feeling like I was being told what to do. This retreat was a total reset!” —Erin English

“I highly recommend Dana! I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a reading from her and taking yoga classes and a meditation course with her. All experiences have been heart-expanding, inspiring and uplifting! The wisdom and kindness Dana offers in her work is something I will forever deeply cherish. I look forward to continuing my awakening practices with her and with the tools she has given me.” —Lydia Stern

“I would have never imagined Dana’s readings to be as insightful and impactful as they have been. When she closes her eyes and begins to tell you what she sees and how she interprets it, it touches a place inside of you that needed to be seen, understood, and healed. These pieces are vitally important to personal growth and transformation… Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised and deeply moved by this experience!” —Monica Mesa Dasi

“Dana is one of those rare souls that shines so bright and pure you can’t help but notice and be drawn into the light! I went to her for my first reading years ago and within minutes had chills from her abilities, literally! She has a way, unlike any other healer I’ve come across, to put subtle longings of the heart into words, to ground dreams floating around in the ethers onto this plane, making it something you can touch, hold, and contemplate. I have been back whenever I can, and have learned to take copious notes to meditate on the insights she shares. I would whole-heartedly recommend that anyone who is looking for personal growth, healing, insight, encouragement, or affirmation to seek out some time with Dana for a reading as she is a potent resource. She is also a competent and enthusiastic yoga teacher who can bless you with her knowledge, ability to teach in multiple languages and instruments she plays!” —Kósa István