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Shamanic Immersion: Journey to the 5 Elements with Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Feb 3 – 10, 2024

With Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker, healer, or you’re doing your own inner work and ready to make a change in your life, join us for an unforgettable retreat in Mexico! Break free from the past and own the fact that everything you need to reclaim your power is already inside of you.

Tell me. Is this you?

  • You want to unplug & experience quality self-care in sacred surroundings
  • You’re curious about shamanism and how it can heal you
  • You could benefit from a sacred container for your deep inner work
  • You’re ready to uplevel your thoughts, beliefs, and habits
  • You crave connection with like minds because it catalyzes your growth

If you nodded yes to 3 of these ideas, the Shamanic Immersion is for you.

It’s 7 days of soaking up the most pristine nature (there are barely any EMFs or WiFi on-site), att sacred ceremony, creative movement, nutritious food, breathwork, and energy clearing to rewrite old stories of unworthiness with just how powerful you are.
At Haramara, we will co-create a sacred container to do deep lasting work for 7 days.  We’ll laugh, cry, pray, and move together. The safe space and sacred rituals will enable us to release old trauma imprints so we can embody a greater level of self-love.

The truth is, having an aligned heart and mind can make your whole year flow with less effort.

It’s time to prioritize yourself for 7 days, and trust in your next steps knowing the Universe has your back.

The Shamanic Immersion gives you everything you need to come back to center, regain your footing, so you can radiate your refreshed frequency and become a magnet to what you desire. Our biggest transformations have unfolded after sitting in shamanic ceremonies so we know how well this works.

You will:

  • Steep in the healing power of nature
  • Relax deeply after guided meditation and energy clearing
  • Let go of patriarchal brainwashing
  • Have free time each day to integrate the lessons
  • Explore the village of Sayulita known for great surfing
  • Exhale stress in Temazcal (Aztec sweat lodge) or the spa if you wish

Together, we will experience:

~ Guided breathwork, meditation, and chakra clearing

~ Group energy work for healing and renewal

~ Energy release and reclamation in a sacred container

~ Shamanic rituals for transformation of energy and patterns

We will also have opportunities for:

~ Spa treatments

~ Temezcal (Aztec sweat lodge)

~ Walks into the neighboring town of Sayulita


  • Single $3,600
  • Double $2,900
  • Triple $2,500
  • Quad $2,300

Type of Retreat: Wellness

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Marie Rodriguez
Contact Email: drmarie@drmarierodriguez.com
Contact Phone Number: 7032825331
Online Registration: https://drmarierodriguez.com/shamanic-immersion-haramara-mexico/
Website: https://drmarierodriguez.com/

About the Instructors:

Dr. Marie deeply believes in the body’s innate capacity to heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony and is passionate about helping others gain access to their own healing power.

Dr. Marie has been in naturopathic medicine practice since 2002, and has over 20 years experience as a craniosacral practitioner.

As a fervent seeker and forever student, Dr. Marie’s personal healing journey inspired her to study a myriad of energetic healing modalities. She has extensive shamanic training, has been a long-time meditation practitioner, is a family constellation facilitator and is also certified in past life regression.

Dr. Marie recognizes that the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of our human experience are all highly intertwined.  She skillfully weaves the contents of her eclectic medicine bag to support people wherever they are on their own healing journey.