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Rewild Your Soul Retreat

Feb 17 – 24, 2024

This retreat was designed to help you disconnect from the distractions, so you can dedicate time to focus on your health, growth, renewal and an opportunity to return to your natural divinity.  The Yogic tradition believes that we are all one, all connected, the word yoga means to “yoke” or bring together. The teachings inspire us to return back to divine radiance through devotion and constant practice. I hand selected Haramaa Resort, for many reasons, and one of those is because Haramara translates to “Mother Sea” or “Where everything comes from.” As we go through life, we journey on a meandering path that eventually leads us back to our Selves.  Sometimes our journey gives us unexpected difficulties and we find ourselves off kilter, lost, or misaligned. It is so incredibly hard to focus on ourselves when we are constantly available through modern technology. Through sharing the ancient teachings of yoga,I hope to provide you with the tools you need to return back to your vibrancy, your truest Self.

Packages include:

  • 8 Days/ 7 Nights Accomodation
  • 3 Nourishing Meals per day
  • Daily Morning Mindfulness Practices on the Beach
  • Restorative Yoga with Massage
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga for Self Care
  • Yoga for Strength
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Soundbath
  • Dharma Talks
  • Myofascial Release Workshop
  • Forest Bathing Experience
  • Temazcal
  • Shuttle to/from the airport


Private Casita – Single Occupancy : $3800 

Shared Casita – Double Occupancy : $2650 

Shared Casita- Triple Occupancy: $2360 

Shared Casita – Quad Room: $2270 

Moonstone  Cabana – Dorm Room: $1950 


Pricing Specials:

Place your $600 deposit prior to November 17, 2023 and receive Early Bird Pricing Options:

Private Casita – Single Occupancy : $3550

Shared Casita – Double Occupancy : $2400

Shared Casita- Triple Occupancy: $2110

Shared Casita – Quad Room: $2020

Moonstone  Cabana – Dorm Room: $1850

Type of Retreat: Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Marybeth Donahoe
Contact Email: marybeth.donahoe@gmail.com
Contact Phone Number: 9737966637
Online Registration: https://www.mbtheyogi.com/yoga-retreats/sayulita2024
Website: https://www.mbtheyogi.com/yoga-retreats/sayulita2024

About the Instructor:

Meet Marybeth Donahoe aka Mb the Yogi,  With over 17 years of experience, Marybeth’s journey in the realm of healing has been dedicated to personal growth and assisting others on their transformative journeys. Committed to perpetual learning, she continually adds new techniques to her repertoire to serve you better. She is both a student and a teacher, with the belief that wisdom is meant to be shared so others can thrive independently. She serves as your spark, guide, and compass, directing you towards your true radiance.

Marybeth’s teachings encompass a wide range of healing modalities, including meditation, movement therapy, therapeutic myofascial release, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, body awareness counseling, rehabilitation for imbalances, written healing practices, and personalized programs tailored to your unique needs. Her specialty lies in Personalized Yoga, where she possesses the gift of seeing into people—identifying physical holding patterns designed to protect the subtle energetic body and recognizing the spark of their inner light. This tension, which she observes, manifests in layers of fascia and connective tissue, often resulting from emotional, mental, and physical stressors. Her purpose and passion lie in helping you recognize, shift, and release these patterns so your true vibrancy can shine.

Since 2013, Marybeth has been sharing her knowledge, conducting classes, workshops, and retreats. With her, you’re not just a student; you’re a co-traveler on the path to your own inner transformation.