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Playing with Infinity

Nov 18, 2023 – Nov 25, 2023

One Infinity Retreat is never like the other. Sometimes we laugh and cry; sometimes, we are blissed out, absolutely enjoying existence. Sometimes we breathe and meditate. Often we heal our deepest wounds by facing the most challenging experiences of our lives. We always do it together and come out stronger, happier, and more alive. An Infinity Retreat is always a gathering of beautiful crazy souls who have followed a calling and are brave enough to jump into the unknown!

Our unique approach is a fusion of ancient and modern consciousness-raising techniques. To anchor your experience, we offer additional jungle and plant medicines like Sananga, Kambo, and Bufo. Combined with intensive personal psychedelic integration, meditation, and breathwork practices, this life-changing experience provides maximum sustainability.

Packages include:

  • Max.12 participants

  • 7 nights

  • 3 Plant Medicine ceremonies

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Kambô detox (optional)

  • Bufo ceremony (optional)

  • Sananga treatments (optional)

  • Integration, personal support, and guidance

  • Meditation and breathwork

  • Yoga classes

  • Organic gourmet kitchen


All incl.: starting at $ 4,950- per person in a double casita

Type of Retreat: Creative, Wellness

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Marie Lou Evore
Contact Email: playing@infinity-retreat.com
Contact Phone Number: +52 56 2081 2737
Online Registration: https://www.infinity-retreat.com/luxury-retreats-mexico
Website: https://www.infinity-retreat.com

About the Instructors:

With more than 30 years of joint work experience, Anke and Marie Lou created a dance between the traditional shamanic framework and the western psycho-therapeutic models. Combining the best of these worlds they create a package that in itself sets a new standard for the transformative work with plant medicine.

To expand your perspective they shine a light upon your blockages and help you see what lies beyond. With wisdom, love, and understanding they make you relax deeply into the experience. To encourage healing they create a safe container where you are welcome with all your wounds and desires, with all that you are, have been, and can be.