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New Year “Re-Imagining Your Life” Mexico Yoga & Coaching Retreat

Jan 14, 2023 – Jan 21, 2023
Whether you are content with your life or need a reboot, there is great wisdom in knowing when to hit the reset button.  After the busy holiday season, you sense a calling and desire to renew and set yourself apart in order to connect to a deeper sense of Self.  Daily meditation and coaching workshops to guide you in re-inventing and re-imagining the greatest version of yourself.  This retreat offers you the power to truly know and be with yourself fully. Come to experience a week of heart felt daily meditation & yoga, group coaching to inspire and uplift your life, fantastic fresh food, sweet humans, fellowship and more!

Arrival  |  You land in Puerto Vallarta greeted by a driver ready to take you to Haramara Retreat Center just 45 minutes away.  There’s more jungle than you expected, perhaps you decide to go barefoot and ground?  You begin to immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings noticing how the sounds, smells, and colors seem more vibrant. You settle in, slow down and explore…a flower catches a ride in your hair. The warmth of the sun signals instant calm as the ocean sounds like a sweet lullaby during your many naps.  Your Instagram worthy meals nurture and renew every cell in your body as you spend your time getting to know the sweet souls in your yoga group.

Ahhhh….welcome to Mexico!

Morning Yoga & Meditation  |  You show up for your morning meditation and yoga…still sleepy in the best way.  Your body is grateful for this time: to feel the soreness, to feel the knots (a massage?), to feel how integrating breath and movement supports you in all the right ways.  Your joints start feeling better, your muscles stretch and strengthen in stimulating ways, your entire body awakens joyfully.

Re-imagining Your Life Coaching |  As you hit the reset button, it becomes an opportunity for a blank slate to outline a new life, where you are open to new ideas at the right time…knowing what to pursue and what to let go of.  Overcoming your mind’s objections and obstacles with steadiness and ease.   With time on your hands to slow down, you can re-imagine your life. You re-think what you have been thinking. The spark of creativity begins to glow again.  You are your greatest teacher…the reminder is nice. You learn tools to be the most amazing version of yourself not by changing the circumstances of your life, but by a detour inward to gain new tools to proceed more authentically, with courage and self-awareness.   You are supported through the process with plenty of time to wonder and wander.  You find yourself at the pool and take a nap.  Ahhhh…

Evening Restorative Yoga  |  You begin rest before your head hits the pillow leaning into the art of relaxation with an evening restorative yoga class.  Without hesitation, your muscles soften, your thoughts quiet and you let go.  You release the need to control, manipulate or change anything about the moment.  You feel gratitude.

Departure  |  You’ve simplified.  You’ve dropped things that were no longer serving you.  You feel lighter.  You’ve done a reset and now ready for your life to re-start as the best version of you!
During your week and between classes, you’ll have plenty of time for relaxing, body treatment, going on excursions, and enjoying the beauty of Haramara and Sayulita.


  • 7 Night Accommodation in beautiful open-air cabanas

  • Daily Organic locally crafted meals per day (vegetarian and seafood options), coffee and tea served daily

  • Access to private beach, infinity pool & hot tub

  • Daily Meditation and Yoga Classes (Vinyasa, Yin/Restorative Yoga)

  • Re-Imagine Your Life
 Workshops/Group Coaching

  • 30 minute pre-retreat call

  • Whale Watching Trip (January is prime whale watching season!)

  • Temazcal (Sweatlodge Ceremony)

  • Healing sound bath evening restorative session
  • SWAG bag of fun goodies!


Single Cabana $3,300

Double Cabana $2,750

Triple Cabana $2,500

Ladies Communal Dorm $2,100


Pricing Specials:

Register by September 15th, 2022 receive $100 off package!

Type of Retreat: Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Liz Suchinda
Contact Email: lizlifeyoga@gmail.com
Contact Phone Number: 3602099781
Online Registration: https://www.lizlifeyoga.com/mexico-retreat-january-2023
Website: https://www.lizlifeyoga.com/

About the Instructors:

About Liz Suchinda:
“I am a life and wellness coach, yoga educator, facilitator of Blossoming Lotus Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreat Specialist, and puppy cuddler!  I am committed to empowering others to live and BE the absolute best version of themselves.  I believe Yoga nurtures your body and spirit while Life Coaching offers tools for the mind to see your life more clearly.  When you combine them, they become a valuable way to live a more deliberate life.”

Liz has 10+ years of experience.  She has felt how the yoga, life coaching, and spiritual awakening has transformed her life in the most loving and magical ways!  She looks forward to spending time with you in Mexico and beyond.

About Brooke Mastalir:
“My goal is to help individuals find their own personal strength and purpose through life coaching to help lead a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to them.”

Brooke loves to cook, spend time with her dog Stella and family, and live life to the fullest.  She is passionate about helping others live their best life and looks forward to this life changing time together in Mexico!

Brooke Mastalir is a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, EMT and Occupational Therapist.  Currently, she works for Triage Staffing as a recruiter and uses her experience as a former traveling clinician to help mentor and guide other therapist through contact work nationwide