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Hola in Paradise

Feb 11 – 17, 2024

Founder and owner of hola house, Jamie Crockett is so excited to invite the hola fam to paradise for a week of intentional yoga, a return to play, and all that the Haramara property has to offer. Hola house is a fitness and yoga studio nestled in the heart of Kirkland, WA, where we have grown a community of kind, inspiring and like-minded people practicing holistic wellness together as family.  Together we will allow the inspiration of nature, movement, breath, play, sight, sound, taste and smell to gently call us back into alignment with our wild and loving spirits. We will take our time on our mat, investing in our practice and in our personal healing and growth. We will explore new ideas and new ways of connecting to ourselves through daily rituals, meditations and journaling exercises.  We will allow ourselves to show up honestly and authentically in each experience, forcing nothing and yet allowing everything. We have built in plenty of time into the week for the opportunity to delve into leisure time at the beach or in a hammock with a good book, adventures off site or maybe enjoy a massage or facial on property. Retreat guests are supported and encouraged to create and call in what they need during the week. What you are seeking, also seeks you. Haramara is the perfect place to call in this affirmation.

Packages include:

Your retreat reservation includes your 6 night stay on the beautiful Haramara property, 3 meals per day, daily coffee and tea service, access to Haramara grounds including the salt water pool, private beach and many lounge areas! You will also enjoy 2 yoga sessions per day (60-90 min) and a few extra surprises along the way!


Full Price 6 nights  Ocho discount Doce discount All Access discount
Single 3,600.00 3,240.00 3,060.00 2,880.00
Double 2,850.00 2,565.00 2,422.50 2,280.00
Triple 2,650.00 2,385.00 2,252.50 2,120.00
Quad 2,400.00 2,160.00 2,040.00 1,920.00
Dorm  2,050.00 1,845.00 1,742.00 1,640.00


Pricing Specials:

Our members are able to book this retreat with the discount associated with their membership. Non-members are invited at full price.

Type of Retreat: Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Jamie Crockett
Contact Email: jamie@holahouse.co
Contact Phone Number: 425-238-5016
Online Registration:
Website: https://holahouse.co/

About the Instructor:

Jamie offers an approach to yoga that supports the personal journey on each mat. With 20 years as a movement leader through a multi-discipline approach, Jamie’s guidance offers a deep dive into understanding your own body and reclaiming movement that nourishes the health of our mind, body and spirit. Jamie’s teachings continue to evolve over the years. One of her greatest passions is meeting her science background with her creative spirit. Just as we are called to release personal agendas or attachments as we arrive on the mat, Jamie deeply practices this each time she is gifted with the opportunity to teach. It’s her truest honor, outside of being a mother, to share the practiced of yoga with her students.