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Dr. Lynn’s 6 Day Annual Health Immersion and Rejuvenation Intensive.

Oct 22, 2023 – Oct 28, 2023

Welcome to an in-depth immersion into your health and well being. In just 6 nights you can change your life and renew your health in Paradise! Detox out the old feelings, symptoms and habits: A week of fun and health with Dr. Lynn and beautiful new friends, health detoxing meals, juices, yoga, spa, mind, body and spirit interactive classes and free time every day in a salt water pool overlooking the ocean and jungle.

Feel like you have never felt in just 6 days! this  retreat is a true immersion into your heart and soul. When you take away the impediments to health and literally feed your cells and your soul, you will come out the other side of the week a different person. Each individual participant has their own sacred healing experience. Learn to identify how your emotions and thoughts feed into your physical health. In a small group setting that is safe and loving, you will begin to unravel the areas of your life that need tender healing. Not only will you have a voice to tell your story, but you will gain a gracious perspective of who you are and how you can grow into your future. You will also experience true joy, bliss and fun and make deep lasting friendships in this beautiful environment.

Imagine waking up in an open air cabana to the sounds and smells of the ocean, heading down to the beach to walk in the sand and meditate to the waves crashing. You then head to a beautiful open air palapa overlooking the ocean and jungle with your first juice waiting for you there. You begin your morning with yoga led by Luca Cuprey who will put your body and mind at ease. After breakfast with your new friends, you head to your interactive and fun mind, body and spirit class with Dr. Lynn. Your organic Detoxing lunch awaits you, as well as the Salt Water infinity pool overlooking the Ocean and jungle. Your afternoons are free to soak, spa, read in your Cabana or hammock, swim in the ocean or soak up the sunshine and relax. You will reconvene for a beautiful sunset meditation and organic fun detoxing dinner together.

Included in your retreat are; 7 nights accommodations, all meals, detox organic menu, 4-5 fresh juices/day, detox kit, daily holistic interactive personal classes & workbooks for #healing all parts of your life; physical, mental emotional and spiritual- healing our lives in the most beautiful setting imaginable with like minded souls…live your best life and future!

Packages include:

Included in your retreat are;

  1. 6 nights accommodations,
  2. all detoxing meals detox organic menu,
  3. 4-5 fresh juices/day,
  4. detox kit including supplements,
  5. Individualized daily holistic interactive personal classes & workbooks for #healing all parts of your life; physical, mental emotional and spiritual/. Classes are indivualized personal healing journeys in a safe small group setting: also include fun interactive classes in homeopathy, herbs, reflexology, hormonal balancing and stress reduction
  6. Daily yoga with Luca Cuprey
  7. Evening sunset meditation
  8. 19% Mexico Tax

Not included: airfare, shuttles, additional excursions(surf lessons, horseback riding, zipline tour) Spa treatments, Hotel and staff tips



Pricing Specials:

$500 discount on each cabana type with registration and payment prior to 7/15/2023

Type of Retreat: Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Dr. Lynn Schneidau
Contact Email: drlynn@purerenewal.com
Contact Phone Number: 206-779-7869
Online Registration:
Website: http://www.purerenewal-retreat.com

About the Instructors:

Dr. Lynn von Schneidau, Naturopathic Physician and Owner of PureRenewal Retreats:

Dr. Lynn is a Licensed Naturopathic physician in both CA and Wa state. Her Journey to become a ND stemmed from her own health crisis: “I have an undergraduate degree in Business at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1984. Shortly after, I endured a debilitating disease at age 23. After 2 years of Orthodox medical treatments which made my condition worse, I went to a Cancer Clinic in Mexico. I discovered the bodies inherent ability to heal itself given the right nutrients and taking away the impediments to health. This experience led my to my different modalities of natural healing and finally to Bastyr University to attain my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2001.”

“At age 23, I made a conscious choice to go to Mexico to a clinic that truly was interested in helping cure my disease. Because of that experience I decided at age 36 to go to Naturopathic medical school when my kids were just 1, 3 and 4 years old so I could help others as I had been helped.

My life’s purpose was “to empower my patients to heal themselves” by giving them my time, to completely listen to them with compassion and explain in lay persons terms of the cause of their illness as no MD had done with me all those years ago.

I began a private practice in integrated clinics in 2002 and after 6 years knew I wanted to add to helping patients by taking people out of their stressful lives to beautiful locations without stress, technology, bad food, stimulants and life’s other impediments to health. I had been teaching what I had experienced about the power of food and juicing as medicine; about addressing the cause and delving deeply into the emotional, mental, spiritual not just suppressing a physical symptom since 2002 in my private practice.

Once again I made a conscious choice to go to Mexico by myself to find the right place. I “stumbled” upon Haramara as divine intervention would have it. The people there have helped me emulate the type of healthy environment I was seeking. It was there a began helping people truly heal in just one weeks time in a beautiful setting by supplying them with the detoxifying organic food, 5-6 juices/day, detoxifying supplements and teas and as importantly teaching through intense assessments and interactive classes the connection of mind, body and soul.

I look forward to listening to your personal stories and helping you illuminate the cause of any symptoms you may have and give you tools for healing you can take with you for life.”

yours, in great health and happiness,

Dr. Lynn

Luca Cupery, Yoga Instructor and Studio Manager at YogaSoup in Santa Barbara, Ca:

The core of Luca’s yoga teaching is that each and every human body has a deep intelligence that needs to be approached with sincerity, curiosity, and compassionate devotion.

For over 21 years she has cultivated and dedicated herself to the practice and study of Yoga. She draws inspiration from many sources: her many teachers and students, nature, Traditional Chinese Medicine, music, Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart, the work of Bob Cooley and his Resistance Flexibility work and her true love of movement and breath.

Her classes offer a time and place for you to slow down enough to listen to the natural wisdom of your body and your heart and to celebrate your inherent strength, freedom, and beauty through movement. The intention behind her teaching is that you can arrive more fully in your experience and check in with what lies just under its surface. The hope is that you can be more comfortable within yourself, no matter what state or shape you think you are in.

Luca is excited about supporting your process of unpacking, unwinding, moving, and releasing what you don’t need to carry and, as a result, making space for more of the good stuff. The invitation is simple: be free, move spontaneously.


Luca Cupery