Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Located & What Time Zone Are You In?
How Do I Get There From Here & What Do I Need?
I Have Arrived To Puerto Vallarta, How Do I Arrive To Haramara?
What Is The Weather Like?
What Are The Ecological Conditions?
What Are The Grounds Like?
What Are The Accommodations Like?
Is It Safe To Leave Our Valuables In The Cabaña?
Is There Electricity?
Is there Phone / Internet / Fax?
Will My Cell Phone Work?
What Time is Check-in? Check-Out?
Do You Allow Children?
Do You Allow Pets?
What Is Included In The Room Rate?
How Much Should I Tip?
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept At The Retreat?
How Much Money Should I Bring?
What Type of Food & Drink Do You Serve?
What Kind Of Drinks Are Available For Purchase?
Can I Bring Food With Me & Keep It In My Cabaña?
Are There Wild Animals And Are There Dangerous?
Do We Need Bug Repellent?
Is There Someone Available If I Have An Emergency At Night?
Where Can I Go If I Have A Medical Emergency?
How Far Is Haramara From Sayulita?
How Far Is Haramara From The Beach?
Is It Safe To Swim In The Ocean?
Do You Provide Beach Towels?
Are There Any Walks Or Hikes Nearby?
Do You Offer Yoga Classes?
Can I Join A Group Retreat's Classes If I Am On A Personal Retreat?
Do You Have Yoga Mats And Props?
What Kind Of Spa Services Are Available And How Much Are They?
Do You Offer Laundry Services?
Is The Water Safe To Drink?

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