What Is The Weather Like?

The Central Pacific Coast of Mexico is surrounded by jungle and receives approximately 345 days of sunshine per year. Located on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, its sub-tropical climate is often compared to Hawaii’s. Temperatures can reach 90 degrees during the summer, along with high humidity, but at night, the onshore breeze brings cool air that makes for pleasant sleeping conditions. The rainy season is June through October; however, August and September are considered the two “rainy” months. On average, September has 15 wet days per month, while January has only two. Rain usually doesn’t start until late in the afternoon, leaving most of the day free for outdoor activities.March, April, May, October and November are warm but comfortable (upper 70s to low 80s). December, January and February are usually comfortable (low to mid 70s) but can be chilly at night (low to mid 60s). June, July, August and September are hot (mid 80s to low 90s) and humid.