How Do I Get There From Here & What Do I Need?

Most people fly into Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport (Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, airport code: PVR).You will need a CURRENT PASSPORT for your trip to Mexico. A Driver License is no longer a valid identification document for travel to Mexico. No vaccinations are required to enter the country.During the flight to Puerto Vallarta you will be given a document to fill out which you will then need to present to the immigration official upon your entry into Mexico. This document is your Travel Visa. BE SURE YOU KEEP THIS PIECE OF PAPER FOR YOUR DEPARTURE! You will be asked for it upon check-in for your return flight home. If you do not have this piece of paper, there will be a fine and the hassle of redoing all of this paperwork on the spot!Also during the flight you will be given a second document to fill out. This document is your Customs Declaration Form. You will need to present this to the customs official after collecting any checked luggage. Once you have presented your document, all of your carry on and checked luggage will be x-rayed. You will then be asked to press a button for a customs inspection. This is a random selection system. A Green Light means you are free to pass through the customs area without an inspection, a Red Light means you will need to head to the customs inspection counter where all of your luggage will be searched.