For a taste of Mexico, head into the traditional Mexican town of Sayulita and spend the day browsing the shops and strolling around while taking in all the sights and sounds of this beachside surf and vacation enclave.


Sayulita is a shopper’s paradise. Dozens of boutiques and roadside stalls have been set up all over the town, where of artisans, craftspeople, seamstresses, woodcarvers, painters, etc are kept busy supplying the tourist demand. Sometimes vendors crowd the beaches and streets offering you T-Shirts, pareos, necklaces, friendship bracelets, drinks and food.


Surfing has been one of the major attractions of Sayulita since the first surfers came to town around the early 70's. Sayulita should be on every surfer’s to-do list, whether you are a beginner looking to try wave-riding through your first surf lesson, a skilled surfer hoping to get barreled at one of Sayulita’s legendary spots, or a pro hoping to test your tube-riding skills and airs while riding one of the world’s most perfect waves.