Medicine Women: Priestess Pilgrimage & Soul Rebirth

Dec 10 - 17, 2022

Dear Woman,

We are standing together in a time when our world is in desperate need of rebirth and regeneration. When many of our ancient prophecies are revealing themselves through a collective dark night of the soul.

When much of humanity has turned against one another and against our nature, when we have gone to war within ourselves, and when retrieving and redeeming the wisdom of the deep feminine is essential if we are to evolve as a humanity.

In this cauldron of great intensity, many of us are awakening from a very long cycle of forgetting who and what we are, and are remembering the deep feminine Source within us as the very nectar that redeems and heals all things in love.

This feminine awakening on a collective scale requires that more and more of us choose to deeply trust our true inner authority, and reclaim our deepest knowing, that we are the medicine, we are the way. This is what the feminine knows to be true at her core.

In honor of the deep feminine Source that is life within each of us, for one week together we apprentice ourselves to our own elemental nature which is both soil and stars, spiritual and material, magical and ancestral. Each day we enter an essential portal of the ancient feminine mystery path, through the elements of creation and the polarities of our motherline and fatherline.

As we step through these initiatory doorways, we rebelong ourselves back into the knowing that life is the Source of our power and this power is the wild emanation of Love.

Through reclaiming these essential reservoirs of our elemental power in wholeness, a deeper well of our unique medicine, gifts, and capacity for love reveals herself. We remember ourselves as the sacred guardians of life, and this life becomes the very nectar we offer as a healing for the world.

This is and has always been the way of the Medicine Women.

Our ancestors who knew these ways are calling out to us from the past and the future to remember our gifts, the unique songlines of our own wild nature, as we rebirth the inner and outer wastelands into a new age of Heaven on Earth.

Do you hear the call?


We are the Medicine

We all come from lineages of people who lived in sacred reciprocity with the Earth, cycled with the seasons of nature, shed and rebirthed with the phases of the womb, and knew their bodies and souls in harmonic relation with all of existence.

All ancient shamanic cultures and feminine lineages across the world understood the cyclical process of life, death, and rebirth and it was once central to our way of life. Following the rhythms of nature, our ancestors witnessed the waxes and wanes of the moon, the shedding and regenerating of the womb, and the seasons that died and rebirthed into one another each year.

Rites of passage were once central to our cultures, and provided supported, contextual, community based understanding of the mystery of life, beginning with life within us. This understanding has long been called “gnosis”, an embodied knowing that can never be taught but that we can receive through the direct experience of wisdom on the path of initiation.

Many of us have been born into a time when that wisdom has long been forgotten, hidden, burned, diminished, demonized, and desecrated through a very long cycle of feminine oppression. And yet, the essential never dies. We feel Her calling to us through our longing to reconnect with the wild pulse of life, with the rhythms of creation, the dance of our sexual expression, and to remember the feminine face of God as nature, as Goddess, and as woman.

As our collective body of humanity has now entered a catastrophic rebirth through the resurrection of deep feminine consciousness, many of us are remembering how to attune ourselves to these rhythms of nature within our physical and emotional bodies and within all of creation.

Those of us who feel called to not only heal through the deep feminine within ourselves but to assist the collective in this wild powerful terrain, are answering the call of the Medicine Women.

Are you called to re-member, retrieve, reclaim, share, deepen, express, and celebrate this Medicine Woman within you on behalf of your lineage, our future generations, and our planet Earth?

Packages include:

Medicine Women is a deep feminine rebirth journey through the elements of creation, as reservoirs of power that exist within our bodies and across the landscape of our Earth, which hold magical potential for healing, creativity, and the remembrance of our whole holy nature as life.

Together we gather for seven days of spiraling the creative currents of our motherline and fatherline, the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, and sharing our deepest truths as our deepest medicine, while held in loving, raw, real sisterhood.

Our practices include priestess temple arts, transcendental dance meditation journeys, archetypal embodiment, womb healing, rebirthing breathwork, female shamanism, elemental ceremonies, and somatic movement meditations.

Medicine Women is our only live event in 2022 and space is limited for an intimate gathering.


Daily Morning Movement Temples ~ 3 Hours

The heart of our week together is our practice space, where we arrive to the temples of our bodies to shed, awaken, embrace, upflift, honor, and re-member our deeper wisdom. Every morning we will gather for a three hour embodiment ceremony in our practice temple that weaves storytelling, somatic mediation, transcendental dance meditation journeys, breathwork, feminine expression, and emotional release for a full rebirth.

Daily Afternoon Element Ceremonies ~ 3-4 Hours

Our afternoons will bring us greater integration and grounding of what we activate and open in our morning sessions through women’s circles and ceremonies directly connecting with the elements. We will journey through shamanic dream meditations, intimate heart sharing, healing touch, priestess rituals, breathwork, and specific ceremonies with the elements including fire, water, earth, and air. One day we will have a temescal sweatlodge ceremony and we will have at least one cacao ceremony.

7 Nights Eco-Luxury Accommodation

Set up on the jungle hillside, our eco luxury cabanas with ocean and jungle views are completely open air with palapa roofs, wooden floors, luxuriously comfortable beds, elegant touches, and spacious bathrooms with hot water showers. We have private and shared cabanas available depending on your preference.

3x Daily Gourmet Plant Based Meals

We’re here to nourish your body and soul with the most delicious vibrant food in Mexico. Even meat eaters tell us this plant based gluten free menu is the best they’ve ever had. Breakfast includes self serve teas, juices, tropical fruit, and light fare, lunch and dinner are three course fine dining meals with appetizer, main, and dessert. There’s also a healthy bar beside the pool with green juices, fresh coconuts, superfood smoothies, and snacks available all day long if you desire more.

Access to Retreat Center Facilities & Full Staff

Our retreat center Haramara has been rated one of the top retreat centers in the world. All week we have full access to Haramara’s retreat facilities, which includes an infinity saltwater pool with loungers and an expansive ocean view, onsite healthy juice and smoothie bar, spa with a menu of treatments, oceanview temple shala for our group practices (also available for you to use in our free time and we fill it with oracle cards and art supplies), jungle paths and lookout points, private beach with gorgeous sunsets and big crashing waves. Haramara is fully staffed with a culinary team, dining room service, gift shop, reception desk, evening and daytime security, and staff to transport your luggage and answer any questions you may have.

Pre-Retreat Support & Travel Planning

To help you prepare logistically, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually for our journey together, we send you an in-depth preparation manual written by Camille with support before you even arrive. We also have a private online group and Whatsapp chat where you can connect with other women attending the retreat. Our customer support team will also answer any questions you have via email about travel planning and preparations before we gather. Post-retreat we send you resources for integration and deepening. It is our intention for you to feel exquisitely held.



“If you are reading about this event and feel the call, quit thinking, and just do it. I wish all women could partake in something like this. Camille is the Creatrix of something remarkable that words cannot even describe. I feel so much more empowered, connected to myself, and to all of humanity. I have a deeper knowing and understanding of who I am. I am filled with peace. I am love."

“Medicine Women was one of the most INCREDIBLE retreats I've ever experienced, and I've been on many around the world! It's evident that Camille has walked the path of doing the deep inner work and she brings this depth to all that she shares. True authenticity, vulnerability and the highest integrity!!!"

“This was one of the most healing and transformational experiences of my life. I showed up emotionally tender, exhausted, and heartbroken. Camille created such a safe space and provided just the tools I needed to reconnect with myself and dive deeper into my healing journey.”

“Medicine Women is more than a retreat. It is the beginning of the awakening of a lifetime of self-discovery and transformation. It’s something that must be experienced to be described, because it is difficult to express in words, how it has impacted my spirit. Camille does an incredible job guiding us through this journey where all you really have to do is surrender to the elements and reunite with your nature, Mother Earth and everything that entails."

“Even though I've been practicing yoga for years, I've never felt this level of connection. Through the embodiment practices, I tapped into more expansiveness and sensation in my body than ever before. The dance meditation, the music, and the prompts helped me go so deep into my body and into my psyche to flush out stored memories and trauma. I let go of so much stagnant and stuck energy and feel like I've come out of the retreat rebirthed- fresh and new."

“Camille is a master at revitalizing goddess mythology and breathing it fresh, with penetrating relevance, into current time. The container with which she holds her circles is truly and impeccably filled with Love and Integrity. Take any of her offerings, put your whole heart into it as she has hers, and you will emerge a Medicine Woman, Whole and Healed.”

“Camille is a powerful soul. Her ability to create such a safe container for each of us, the clarity of her words and transmission and the effort she put into every detail make her retreats amazing. Every woman there was a Goddess in her own right and I felt so held and loved every minute I was there. We were outside of time and space, doing serious healing work not only for ourselves but the world as well. Years and years of undealt with pain and trauma were healed in the most loving and safe space you could imagine."

“From the moment I stepped into the first gathering in the shala at Haramara, I felt a sense of peace, acceptance, wildness, safety in vulnerability, and a feminine purity I had never experienced. It was one of the most sacred weeks of my life, in dance, space, time, sisterhood, and overflowing love amongst one another and myself. Life changing in the best sense.”

"It is a week to lose time and space and remember the true essence of your being. It will help you find love for the forgotten, dismissed, and ostracized parts of yourself. The whole experience is a living testament to the fact that our darkness holds our greatest gifts."

“I came back home in such a higher frequency than I have maybe ever fully embodied. My whole way of being feels a shift to abundance, sensuality, and radiant presence. I recommend your offerings, in any form they may take, with my whole, rooted and connected Being. The gift of this facilitation is beyond what any description might possibly say. These experiences will change your life in a substantial, cellular, organic way that is unable to be contained with language.”


Private Cabana ~ $4499

Treat yourself in the most luxurious room option, with your own private open air cabana and large elegant bathroom with hot water shower. Best option for those who want space and solitude for themselves to integrate after our practices.

Twin Cabana ~ 3499

Open air cabana with two single beds, mosquito nets, dressers, hammock, and large elegant bathroom with hot water shower. Plenty of space for two to spread out, and a great option for privacy in a mid range price point.

Luxury Dorm ~ $2999

Elegant open air eight bed dorm with two large bathrooms (one at each end) with hot water showers, and single beds with luxury linens and mosquito nets. This is the most luxurious dorm we have ever seen.

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Type of Retreat: Creative
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Contact Name: Camille Willemain
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About the Instructors:

Camille Willemain is the founder of Earth Daughters mystery school, an energy worker and embodiment facilitator, a writer and storyteller, and a lover of all expressions of the feminine nature.

In 2012 she moved to the jungle of Costa Rica, which began her initiation into the wild feminine through her relationship with nature and discovery of Mesoamerican shamanism. On that path she traveled in over 25 countries across the world writing a blog read by millions of people and studying dance, yoga, tantra, meditation, energy work, breathwork, and learning through her own innate guidance how to communicate with the voices of the land.

In 2018 she ended her blog and left Costa Rica, following her deeper soul calling into the women’s mysteries and the forgotten melodies of the womb, which brought her deep into the labyrinth of personal and collective feminine trauma and simultaneously into the ocean of immense feminine beauty, power, and love.

Since 2015 she has been facilitating women’s healing retreats around the world, and in 2019 birthed her online women’s mystery school Earth Daughters in homage to her European shamanic ancestors, her many past lifetimes in the priestess temples, and her intimate relationship with nature.

She is here to be a voice for Mother Earth, and an activator for all women in remembering that we are not separate from nature, we are nature. That journey begins with the reclaiming of everything we are as sacred and whole. We are the medicine, we are the way.