Therapeutic Wellness Center

In a secluded clearing down near the ocean is Larimar, our open air therapeutic wellness center.  It is a quiet refuge in a one-of-a-kind setting where the rhythmic sound of the surf and the gentle breeze through the trees puts you back in touch with nature.  With individual private treatment cabañas, our wellness center provides guests with a serene atmosphere where our highly trained massage therapists and spa technicians deliver beneficial treatments to your body and soul.

Our wellness center offers sheer indulgence and exquisite pampering to compliment your stay with our wide selection of services.  Take advantage of the variety of massage styles that we offer – traditional Japanese, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, Shiatsu, therapeutic, Thai and many more.  We also offer manicures, pedicures, body scrubs and restorative and ayurvedic treatments.*

Our wellness center is open to the public.

For a list of our services and rates please see our Wellness Center page under the Activities heading.

To make your reservation please see our Contact Us page.

*PLEASE NOTE – Our therapists work on a rotating basis or are only available on a seasonal basis. Not all therapists or services are available at all times.


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