Our boutique offers a quaint shopping experience for unique handmade jewelry, gifts, clothing, Tahitian pearls and linen design Greek fashion as well as some Mexican items.


All the items offering in the boutique are carefully choosen personally by our experienced boutique manager. Thus, giving you the reassurance that that you will buy high quality handmade items.


Haramara Boutique offers a full line of Greek linen clothing by Haris Cotton. The company was founded in 1975 in Athens, Greece, and has defined an airy, feminine style giving you also a glamorous and yet relaxed feeling .


Haramara Boutique offers a beautiful collection of Tahitian pearl jewellery, crafted with pearls from the warm saltwater lagoons of French Polynesia. Individualy chosen by our Tahitian expert and Boutique Manager Caty

Born in the azure blue lagoons of the South Pacific, these world-famous pearls embody the spirit of aloha and are revered for their intense rainbow of colors and their glowing luster.