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Relax. Restore. Renew. Women’s Psycology & Yoga Retreat

Sep 24 – Oct 1, 2022


This experience is an opportunity to listen deeply to your own truth  + evolve in an environment that unites you with you.

Always know you are perfect now!

Sometimes we just need to uncover the layer of sludge to sparkle once again.

Kundalini Yoga  & Meditation, Psychology Tips & Tools, Somatic Resourcing Techniques, Movement, Sound, and the Magic of Mother Nature, the Sun, Sea, Food, Culture and Adventure is the most resourcing recipe I know of to reunite you to your soul

….the most FUN too! 

It’s a gift to witness a group of women harmonize with nature, their community and themselves.  To be engrossed in the energy of such magical growth and transformation is healing for all involved. This is why we need one another.

Packages include:

This is not simply a RETREAT:


The energetic frequency of the universe, mother earth and your entire soul history runs in you. However,  we are often too busy and buried to feel it.  You can not think yourself free of lifes heaviness.  You deserve the time to undo and unravel the impact of being human.  Allow yourself the gift of setting yourself free so that you can return ready to claim the life you have craved for so long.

Our days will be filled with time to be silent and times to engage + meditations on the beach + movement + teachings + conversations + integration time + specialty workshops nourishing nature experiences.

I am excited to share this incredible journey with you.

Of course, you’ll also enjoy nearly five free hours daily in which to swim in the pristine waters (Pacific Ocean + private saltwater pool), play in the sun, surf, visit ancient towns and ruins, or simply journal and enjoy afternoon hammock naps.

And let’s not forget our extraordinary chefs, who graces us daily with fresh, organic dishes harvested directly from the local gardens.

This is how you synchronize your body/mind to the rhythms of nature.

This is where deep rejuvenation begins.


The retreat starts before dinner on the first day will conclude at 10 am on the last day.
Check-in is between 3/5pm and check-out 11am

Please find a sample schedule below and note this is to give you an indication only. Finer details will be confirmed closer to the time and days will vary.

• 7:00 – 7:45 – Sunrise Meditation, Pranayama
• 8:00 – 8.30 – Light Snack + Coffee/Tea
• 8:30 – 10:30 – Movement as Medicine (Kundalini + Vinyasa Yoga + Movement)
• 11-1230 –  Brunch/Lunch
• 1230 pm – 5pm Free time + hike surf + shop + excursion + rest + play + etc.
• 5-7pm – Movement + Workshop + etc.
• 7pm – Dinner followed by time to gather + sleep + bonfire + nature experiences + dance + etc.


Lux Dorm – $2380

Beautiful shared space the luxury dormitory has been designed to accommodate up to 8 people in a shared bedroom with 2 bathroom facilities. You will enjoy the same features of the cabañas but in a large open room with individual single beds for each person. We aren’t joking when we say this is a lux dorm, a perfect option at a lower price point.

Double Occupancy – $2980

A shared cabana with your own beds. If you are booking with a friend please let us know so we can place you in the same room. If you are coming solo (beautiful!), we will do our best to match you with a roomie. If we aren’t able to place you due to uneven numbers, you will be moved into a “forced single” with a rate of $3880 or a lux dorm $2380, space permitting. (your choice)

Single Occupancy – $3780 

The most private option at the resort, and the best choice if you are truly desiring privacy and solitude in between practices and meals. This option includes your own cabana with a king size bed.

Pricing Specials:

Use code:  EARLYBIRDSAYULITA before 5/15/22 for $100 off

Payment plans in 3 equal payments avail with registration prior to 5/15/22

Additional payment plans may be made available upon request.  Email:  Hannah@HannahZackney.com.

Type of Retreat: Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Hannah Zackney
Contact Email: hannah@hannahzackney.com
Contact Phone Number: 916-932-6929
Online Registration: https://www.hannahzackney.com/SayulitaWomensRetreat2022
Website: https://www.hannahzackney.com

About the Instructors:

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I am a licensed therapist, yogi, instructor, teacher, coach, mom, writer, speaker, traveler, Gemini, Eneagram 7 and LOVER of LIFE…

I have found that retreats & intentional restoration time provide the space I need for true self-exploration.

It can be challenging to hear my truth, and connect with my deepest intuition when I’m in the business of my every day life.

Claiming mindful time for rest and renewal gives me exactly what I need to step back into my life with clarity, purpose, and a Heart Wide Open.

Join me!  Let’s PLAY!