Personal Retreats

Thank you for considering Haramara Retreat as your destination for a personal retreat.  As our guest we offer you a magical and idyllic place in a natural and supportive environment where you can relax, renew and restore your well-being.  The peaceful calm and serenity that surrounds you will allow you the opportunity to experience the freedom of immersing yourself in your own mind-body-spirit experience.

You may choose to attend one of our many upcoming Group Retreats or you may choose to come on your own for a Personal Retreat.  Whichever way you choose we look forward to seeing you at Haramara Retreat.

For more information about or to attend a Group Retreat please contact the retreat you are interested in directly via our Upcoming Retreats calendar.

For more information about our Personal Retreats please see our  Basic Package and Sampler Package pages.


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