Dining Room & Terrace

Our Dining Room

Placed amidst the jungle canopy our spacious open air dining room, hand-built of all natural materials with a soaring roof and handcrafted hardwood floors, is situated near the top of the property in the perfect location facing west to enjoy the jungle and ocean view throughout the entire day.  Eat breakfast listening to the birds, enjoy a quiet lunch at midday and linger over dinner while watching the sunset.

We know that good nutrition and well balanced meals are an integral part of your wellness practice leading to a complete mind-body learning experience and overall health and well-being.  Enjoy delicious gourmet meals tastefully prepared and artistically presented by some of the finest chefs in Mexico.

All meals are vegetarian based.  Tofu, fish or seafood is included once a day for protein.  All ingredients are fresh, natural, local and organic. The daily menus are carefully chosen by our head chef and are based on the ingredients that are available that day.

Special dietary needs and requests will gladly be accommodated.  Our kitchen staff and wait staff are friendly, well trained and attentive to your every need.

We have a selection of wines, beers and cocktails available for an additional cost to accompany your meals.


  • 1,120 square feet of open floor space
  • Seating for a maximum of 50 people

Our dining room is open to the public.

For menu and prices please see our Restaurant  page.

To make your reservation please see our Contact Us page.

Our Terrace 

Our terrace is located below our dining room, just in front of our boutique, with the same wonderful west facing view.  With comfortable chairs and umbrellas, our terrace offers a quiet place to sit and read or write in your journal, to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset or to connect with new and old friends.


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