There are many activities available for you to enjoy during your stay at Haramara Retreat.  You can be as active as you’d like to be.

Our terrace offers a quiet place to sit and read, enjoy a beverage, write in your journal or connect with new and old friends.

Take advantage of our beach, for sun, sand and solitude, where you can swim, walk, read or even stretch out for a nap.

Enjoy our pool area with food and beverage service, where you can swim, relax in a lounge chair, sunbathe and meet up with your friends.

Wander into our boutique for a quaint shopping experience that offers you a unique selection of handmade jewelry, gifts and clothing.

Hike the property and walk the roads and trails through the jungle surrounding us taking in the spectacular views while discovering the flora and fauna of the land.

For a taste of Mexico, head into the traditional Mexican town of Sayulita and spend the day browsing the shops and strolling around while taking in all the sights and sounds of this beachside surf and vacation enclave.

We have many other on-site activities for you to take advantage of such as a cooking class, yoga classes and treatments in our wellness center.  Please see our Activities On-Site page and our Activities Wellness Center page for menus of these additional activities and their prices.

There are also many excursions available that allow you to see and experience the area surrounding us.  Get out on the water with a whale-watching, snorkeling, or surfing excursion and get into the jungle with a horseback riding, zip line canopy, crocodile refuge or ancient petroglyph tour.  Please see our Activities Off-Site page for a menu of these and other excursions and their prices.


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