Create a Magnificent Life: A LIFE OF TRANSCENDENCE

Sept 2 - 7, 2022

At "Create a Magnificent Life" we believe that all great human achievements result from the connection with our inner self, from the recognition of the highest human values that connect with our soul, everything derives from the expression of our own heart. As we develop the connection with our inner self and create that powerful inner communication, thinking becomes clearer, great ideas emerge, we detonate our creative imagination, and human potential multiplies.

Developing our consciousness and connecting with who we truly are leads us to a place of inner peace, existential certainty, love and joy for life. For us, working on awareness is a “Life Purpose” .

I invite you to live this experience, a "moment of self-knowledge and recognition" that will remain and manifest in your existence forever. It is our heartfelt desire that you experience the highest transformation and manifestation that you desire for your life.

Our event is designed for your personal growth, connecting you with persons having magnificent energy and vitality who add value to the lives of others. The natural and magical environment where this event takes place is ideal for valuing and acknowledging the great gifts we have as we understand our presence in this world. Our philosophy is to put into practice the best of two worlds: the growth of human potential and the practice of meditative and self-contemplationexperiences, fundamental principles expressed by today's modern thought leaders. We believe in the Super Human Being, a product of the merger of these two ways of understanding and improving human existence.

Packages include:

* 5 nights and 6 days at Haramara retreat
* Workshops and Mastermind Alliance with Certified Leaders
* Yoga and meditation everyday
* Three fresh organic meals per day
* Access to private beach, infinity pool & hot tub
* Yoga material and welcome kit

Not included
Air ticket, airport transfer, travel insurance and tips.
Additional and special services will be offered at the retreat


Triple Occupancy - $1950

Double Occupancy - $2450

Single Occupancy - $5950


Type of Retreat: Creative, Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Alejandro Miranda
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: (+52) 604 966 4060
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:

About Alejandro Miranda Torres

As part of the John Maxwell team, Alejandro is a coach, teacher and speaker, capable of offering you workshops, seminars, talks, training and support for personal and professional growth, based on the study and practice of proven leadership methods.

By working as a team with you and your organization, you can push it in the right direction to achieve defined goals. His extensive corporate experience and knowledge of the logistics activity within the company provides him with the skills to work from the base of each company in order to connect with people and allow them to apply the principles of leadership and be able to manage personal achievement also.

He likes to share his background and experience in developing a conscious mind and achieving personal and organizational growth. One of your best assets is the ability to connect with people and work on communication and leadership issues, as well as developing an intentional life towards personal growth.


Lefford Fate (USA) Certificación Napoleón Hill, Professionally he has mentored and served. thousands of military members and their families for over 30 years in the United States Air Force.

John Raniola (USA) Certificación Napoleón Hill, transformational autor,coach, reiki.

Johnnie Lloyd (USA) Certificación Napoleón Hill, certificación John Maxwell.

Lizzy Islas (MX) Gestalt and body psychotherapist, therapist and facilitator of Osho meditations.