Soul Nectar

Feb 26 - Mar 5, 2022

A week of primal somatic movement, conscious connected breathwork, ocean swimming, hammock swinging, and deep connection. 

Join us… We can’t wait to be blissed out with you!

Soul Nectar… the sweetest, most delicious, most delectable adventure your heart craves in the most irresistible ways. 

Host: Elisha Jane – Movement + Breathwork
Co-host: Jeffrey Waters – Breathwork + Myofascial Body Work

Location: Haramara Retreat, Sayulita, MX

Date: February 26 – March 5, 2022

Packages include:

Co-hosting with my dear friend + colleague @whistlerbreath who is one of the most intuitive and informed body worker + breathwork facilitator’s that I know.

The plan is simple…

    • Dive into the gooey delicious pleasures of spaciousness…
    • To recalibrate the body, mind, and soul…
    • To reignite our aliveness.
    • To move, breathe, and be…

+ Private beach, infinity pool, yummy food, hammock and books, classes to fill your body with the most tasty sensations, epic humans to share time with…
It’s everything you need and more.

These events are magical. Some say… Life changing.
You leave feeling new, inspired, and motivated to reinvent your life on so many levels.

I can’t wait to be here… To feel the sunshine and hug each of you!

This event includes movement once or twice a day, 3 conscious connected breathwork experiences, time and spaciousness to feel free and relax… 7 days moves fast. Let’s sip every moment slowly.

Schedule to be announced!


Occupancy Options:

Single Occupancy: $3333 USD / person
Double Occupancy: $2777 USD / person
Triple Occupancy: $2222 USD / person
Quad Occupancy: $1888 USD / person

Space for 16.


Type of Retreat: Creative, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Elisha Jane
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 7789951885
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:

Elisha Jane

I have an insatiable curiosity and desire to move. I encourage my students to explore all four corners of their being; to find their innate connection between mind, body, heart and spirit so that they may move into more feeling and sensation, in deeper, more loving ways. I am inspired by intrinsic knowing and ancient earth wisdom. The earth, moon, and stars are my best teachers.

I move and teach from an embodied, experiential place, and I am constantly evolving as a teacher. Bowspring, primal movement, breathwork, and mindset infuse my teachings and my practice. Creative, heart-smart sequencing is my jam. In my classes you can expect to be inspired, challenged in delightful ways, and stretched inside and out. Expect to play and always- follow what lights you up! Let’s move xo

Teaching: Align Flow, Somatic Explorations, Mobility Playground, Mixed Modality Flow

Inspired by: Functional + Primal Movement, Mobility, Somatics, Astrology, Metaphysics, Gene Keys, Quantum Physics, Nature, The Heart


Jeffrey Waters:

Breathwork facilitation offering a performance based approach to increased clarity and focus, nervous system regulation and expanded lung capacity. Intuitive, intelligent, and deeply aware. Conscious Connected Breathwork with myofascial body work is the most amazing medicine you can experience.