Medicine Women

October 23 - 30, 2021

Welcome Medicine Woman!

We invite you to walk the wheel of your womanhood, in shadow and in light, for a week of apprenticing yourself to elements of nature. Together on the sacred land of the Huichol people of Mexico’s Pacific coast, we will walk through the shamanic medicine wheel, mapping the natural cycles of life and death.

As you step through the initiations of the elements of creation, the seasons of life, and the cycles of the womb, you will be initiated back into the knowing that your life, your yearning, your heartbreaks, your confusions, your fears, your love, are all sacred gateways into a deeper fuller expression of the harmonic dance of life itself.

Through the reclamation of these essential pieces of you in light and in dark, in gifts and in wounds, a deeper well of your unique medicine, gifts, and capacity for love reveals itself to you. You become a sacred guardian of life and this life becomes the very nectar you offer as a healing for the world.

This is the way of the Medicine Woman.

Our journey together in Medicine Women is inspired by the Native American, Meso American, Celtic, and also Egyptian Womb Cross medicine wheels that bring us into right relationship with the nature that we live in and with the nature that we are.

We explore the the totality of our nature through the multidimensional qualities of the three worlds: Underworld/Below/Source, Middleworld/Center/Relation, and Upperworld/Above/Divinity, and we spiral through the cyclical seasons of creation as Fire/Summer/Passion/Rage, Water/Autumn/Release/Grief, Earth/Winter/Trust/Doubt, and Air/Spring/Dreams/Fears.

Each day we enter a new direction and explore our deepest selves and capacity to heal and to serve through…

Transcendental shakti dance meditations
Intuitive feminine movement explorations
Rebirthing breathwork ceremonies
Women’s circles for heart sharing
Shamanic vision quests
Cacao ceremony
Temescal (shamanic sweatlodge)
And true, authentic, deep empowering sisterhood

As our collective is preparing itself for a catastrophic rebirth, where we will literally create a New Earth through the rise of feminine consciousness, many of us are learning how to reattune ourselves to these rhythms of nature within our physical and emotional bodies. Those of us who feel called to not only heal the deep feminine within ourselves but to be wayshowers, lighthouses, beacons, midwives, soul doulas, priestesses, and healers for the collective, are answering the call of the Medicine Woman.

Do you feel the longing to re-member this Medicine Woman within you?


“Camille is a powerful soul. Her ability to create such a safe container for each of us, the clarity of her words and transmission and the effort she put into every detail make her retreats amazing. Every woman there was a Goddess in her own right and I felt so held and loved every minute I was there. We were outside of time and space, doing serious healing work not only for ourselves but the world as well. Years and years of undealt with pain and trauma were healed in just a week, in the most loving and safe space you could imagine. Haramara itself is luxurious and peaceful, with some really awesome food, too. I never wanted to leave.”

Ryan Nicole
Tarot Reader and Psychic Intuitive

Medicine Women was one of the most INCREDIBLE retreats I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been on many around the world! It’s evident that Camille has walked the path of doing the deep inner work and she brings this depth to all that she shares. True authenticity, vulnerability and the highest integrity!!! In retreat, she weaves her own unique soul wisdom with archetypes, ancient Earth wisdom teachings and empowering embodiment practices. It’s a transformational work of art that she pours her whole soul into. I feel SO honoured and blessed to have had this experience and look forward to more opportunities to journey with this magnificent woman. I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you feel the call!

Nina Wosar
Dance and Breathwork Facilitator

Packages include:

7 nights Eco Luxury accommodation

Set up on the jungle hillside, our eco luxury cabanas are completely open air with palapa roofs, wooden floors, luxuriously comfortable beds and linens, elegant touches, and spacious bathrooms with hot water showers. We have private and shared cabanas available depending on your preference. Plus, all rooms have access to our retreat center facilities including saltwater infinity pool and private beach.

Gourmet Healthy Organic Meals

We’re here to nourish your body and soul with the most delicious vibrant food in Mexico. Haramara sources all of their produce from local organic vendors and create mouth watering dishes that are comforting, satisfying, and healthy. Expect three course meals tailored to your dietary needs, with fresh made tropical juices, bowls of guacamole, and elegant healthy Mexican fusion. There’s also a healthy bar beside the pool with green juices, fresh coconuts, superfood smoothies, and snacks available all day long.

Daily Ecstatic Embodiment Practices

Each day we begin in ceremony, by dropping into our bodies and coming into the sacred celebration of life through the medicine wheel. Morning practices will include transcendental dance meditation, breathwork, and intuitive movement arts to allow your body to speak, guide you, show you more of who you are.

Women’s Circles and Ceremonies

Our afternoons will bring us greater integration and exploration of what we activate and open in our morning sessions through women’s circles and ceremonies. We will journey through shamanic dream meditations, intimate heart sharing, healing supportive touch, and sometimes journey with cacao medicine, breath medicine, and the shamanic temescal.

Temescal Shamanic Sweatlodge

Our retreat center Haramara has its own private temescal where we will participate in this powerful shamanic ritual for returning to the Mother Womb. In the temescal we sweat our prayers, commune with the ancestors, purify our bodies and minds, and receive insights and wisdom. We will be guided by a trained Temescalera wisdom keeper

Love, Connection, Real Sisterhood

This is a space where you can truly be yourself and fall in love with the women opening their hearts right beside you. Together we create genuine connection, friendship, and community in a circle of women choosing to heal, open, deepen, and awaken on the path of embodied love. Our highest intention is to support one another in birthing more love into the world. Everything we do is for Love.

Our Practices:

Wild Feminine Dance Meditations

Our dance meditations are rooted in the system of DANCEmandala, created by Areeradh K Trisiddha. DANCEmandala is a journey of tantric union through movement meditation and Camille has taken her own liberties to adapt this modality to reflect the wild feminine nature and the journey of woman. In the dance we spiral through layers of expansion and contraction, rebirthing ourselves through the creative and destructive pulse of life. These dance meditations offer profound release, clarity, realization, and intimacy with your body and soul, awakening visions, opening gateways to other dimensions, and releasing many layers of emotions to step into freedom.

Healing Movement Therapy

With body intimacy as the heart and soul of our practice, we move deep into sensuality, presence, tenderness, and gentleness to allow the inner child, the radiant maiden, and the sensual beloved to feel safe to be seen, felt, and expressed. Camille’s unconventional style as a teacher and devoted practitioner of many paths of yoga, employs movement techniques to guide us deeper into the sensory world. Our approach is yin in nature with unique flow and at times incorporates various somatic movement therapies including TRE trauma release, shaking, and sounding.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Breath is the conduit that connects spirit and matter, bringing life back to the spaces where we have frozen in fear and constricted ourselves from deeper love. Our breathwork ceremonies are inspired by Camille’s training with Breath of Bliss Somatic Mystery School, rooted in Clarity Breathwork, a form of circular open mouth breathing that is Holotropic in nature and activates the pineal gland and releases DMT in the brain, allowing for profound visionary understanding and extrasensory perception.

Yes/No Dynamic Meditation

How often have we betrayed the soul voice within and the wild current of our life force, by saying “yes” when we felt “no” and saying “no” when we felt “yes”? Re-establishing a safe, trusted connection to our own voice of inner discernment and learning to honor ourselves on a profoundly deep level is necessary work for uniting with ourselves and others from self love rather than self sacrifice. Together we explore the tremendously powerful and yet simple dynamic movement and vocal meditation “Yes-No” by Eliza Mada Dalian inspired by the work of Osho.

Priestess Temples

In our temple space we come together to be seen, felt, heard, held, and supported as we integrate and unravel our journey and remember through one another’s reflections that we are never alone. Our temples include shamanic dream vision quests, womb awakening meditations, heart sharing and compassionate listening, tender loving respectful touch, energy healing, and sound healing through drumming, chants, and vocalizing.

Cacao Ceremony

We will be imbibing sacred ceremonial raw cacao in ceremony for reconnecting with the roots of the deep feminine and melting opening our hearts to love. Cacao, or pure raw chocoate, is an entheogen meaning it is a plant medicine that can open us into extrasensory perception. Unlike many other plant medicines, cacao is extremely gentle and the depth of our journey with Her is often dependent on how much we allow rather than force our experience. Camille’s relationship with cacao began while living in lush cacao forest on the South Caribbean of Costa Rica and she will bring cacao in for some of our ceremonies and circles to support us in going ever deeper into our hearts and wombs.

Temescal (Sweat Lodge)

We are incredibly blessed to have the support of a Mexicana Temescalera guiding us through the sweatlodge, a profound shamanic rite of passage where we enter into a womb-like dome and move through the medicine wheel with our songs, our sweat, and our prayers. The sweatlodge is an ancient ritual from many cultures around the world that intends to purify the mind, body, and spirit, to guide us back to the gateway of Source where we bridge between spirit and matter, healing on the ancestral and soul planes.

Sample Daily Schedule:

Quiet Ritual Time
Your sacred time and space to begin your day in meditation and reflection. Sunrise is at 7:15am. Complementary coffee, tea, and juice are available in the restaurant.

7:30am – 10:30am
Morning Movement Practice
We begin the day in silence, by dropping into our bodies and coming into the sacred celebration of life through the medicine wheel. Morning practices will include transcendental dance meditation, breathwork, and intuitive movement arts to allow your body to speak, guide you, show you more of who you are.

10:30am – 11:30am
Leisurely Brunch with Oracle Cards
Goddess indulgence time as we enjoy our brunch while reading our oracle cards and their messages for the day.

12pm – 4pm
Free Time
Free time to walk on the wild beaches surrounding our retreat center, rest in your open air room, swim in our saltwater pool, book a massage or treatment with a healer, reflect in your journal, walk into Sayulita town for souvenir and artisanal shopping. Three course lunch is also provided at 2pm.

4pm – 7pm
Afternoon Ceremony
Our afternoons will bring us greater integration and exploration of what we activate and open in our morning sessions. We will journey through shamanic dream meditations, intimate heart sharing, healing supportive touch, and sometimes journey with cacao medicine, breath medicine, and the shamanic temescal. We will close by watching the sunset from our shala viewpoint or down on the beach.

Candlelit Dinner
Cozy up in our candlelit dining room for our delicious organic three course dinner, beautiful conversations and connections for deepening in intimacy and sharing our breakthroughs from the day.

Evening Reset
Swim under the stars in our pool, reflect in your journal by candlelight, or listen to the sounds of the jungle and the crashing waves.



Private Cabana – 4 Spaces

Treat yourself in the most luxurious room option, with your own private open air cabana with large king size bed, mosquito nets, dressers, hammock, and large elegant bathroom with hot water shower. Best option for those who want space and solitude for themselves to integrate after our practices.

$3950 single payment
or 6 monthly payments of $710


Twin Cabana – 4 Spaces

Open air cabana with two single beds, mosquito nets, dressers, hammock, and large elegant bathroom with hot water shower. Plenty of space for two to spread out, and a great option for privacy in a mid range price point.

$3250 single payment
or 6 monthly payments of $590


Luxury Dorm – 8 Spaces

Elegant open air eight bed dorm with two large bathrooms (one at each end) with hot water showers, and single beds with luxury linens and mosquito nets. This is the most luxurious dorm we have ever seen.

$2850 single payment
or 6 monthly payments of $525

Type of Retreat: Wellness

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Camille Willemain
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 12064951202
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:

Camille Willemain is the founder and creatrix of Earth Daughters mystery school, a voice and channel for the Goddess, and has supported millions of people worldwide through her writing, online immersions, and soul awakening retreats. She guides women into fully inhabiting the total range of their divine humanity through movement medicine, feminine embodiment arts, soulful self expression, ceremony, ritual, and sisterhood.

In 2012 she moved to the jungle of Costa Rica and began her path with the wild feminine and the mythological feminine mysteries, which has evolved and deepened through her world travel in over 25 countries, trainings and self study in ecopsychology yoga, transcendental shakti dance meditation, rebirthing breathwork, shamanic healing, Gene Keys wisdom, womb awakening, tantra, women’s mysteries, Reiki, soul retrieval, and more.