Annual Health Immersion Cleanse & Life Rejuvenation with Dr. Lynn & Andrea Dominic: Transforming Health, Energy and Happiness.

Oct. 23 - 30, 2021

Join Dr. Lynn von Schneidau, Naturopathic Physician and Andrea Dominic Health and life coach  for this 7 day life and health changing Journey toward self discovery. This retreat is for anyone who wants to cleanse the stagnation of 2020/21 and regain vitality, energy and purpose. This comprehensive life changing retreat has been an annual sold out retreat for the last 12 years.

The combination of food, juicing, ocean air, beautiful view cabanas, a group setting with support and instruction, massages, salt scrubs, beautiful scenery, new friends and yoga will change your perspective,  transform your health and allow you to step into the larger life calling you.

This is a personalized retreat held in a beautiful serene environment with sweeping 360 degree views of the ocean.  Together in the supportive, fun, healthy environment you will be guided to cleanse out old unhealthy habits and patterns to restore your health physically, mentally and emotionally.

You will cleanse your body through daily movement, a healthy whole foods cleansing diet and freshly made organic juices, teas and supplements. Your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing will be transformed through daily interactive immersive classes. You will experience community through connection  and peace and serenity through alone time to slow down and rejuvenate your soul.

This healing retreat will calm your mind, nervous system, increase your energy and balance your hormones. You will have the opportunity to  transform emotions and thoughts that have blocked you from mental and spiritual clarity.  Our curriculum has proven to enhance forward movement in your life, generate purpose and vitality by removing obstacles to health, well being and happiness.

In only 7 days, this retreat has proven to be  impactful in increasing  personal health and the ability to share your unique gifts, talents and passions by removing and cleansing obstacles both physically and mentally. Participants have reported they have made significant strides  in their ability to manifest what they truly desire in their life.

Dr. Lynn and Andrea will teach you  to heal your current symptoms and life issues as well as guiding you  into a healthier happier life full of energy, purpose and happiness.

What a day in the life looks like:

Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean and the birds; to the smell of ocean air and the wonderful cleansing humidity of the jungle. You leisurely stroll up the mountain for your beautiful detox based yoga class and your first juice of the day.

After your class you enjoy a whole foods breakfast and your healthy organic juices.

Your mornings are enhanced each day with classes on healing your mind, body and soul. You will be involved in every aspect of your healing: each day there will be personal workbooks on discovering your history, your story and what makes you unique. You will have the opportunity to explore what makes you think and feel the way you do and how you ended up where you are currently in your life. Looking forward, your journey will explore healing stuck patterns, changing habits, changing thoughts and exploring physical symptoms as an expression of your deepest feelings and thoughts.

Through small and large group hands on courses, you will learn to identify your physical symptoms and what they can teach you. Learn how food can act as your medicine, herbs that will cleanse and heal you; and homeopathic medicines, cranial sacral holds, Ayuervedic and Reiki classes,  energetic chakra and reflexology as tools for increasing your health, improving your mental clarity, balancing your nervous system and your hormones .

Packages include:

7 nights eco luxury accommodations

Cleansing organic menu specifically designed by Doctor Lynn.  Dr. Lynn has used this whole foods detoxification diet combined with daily juices for the maximum cleansing and nutrient restoration and rebalancing for the past 20 years with her patients and the past 12 at Haramara.

4-5 freshly made organic juices daily

Cleansing  supplements, teas, shakes to enhance your 5 organs of detoxification.

Daily interactive workbook exercises and life and health interactive enhancing classes with Dr. Lynn  including nutrition, detoxification, reflexology, homeopathy, herbal medicine and cranial sacral holds.

evening sunset meditations

Interactive energetic and life enhancement classes including Ayurvedic, Reiki,  vision and dream attainment  classes with Andrea.

daily yoga with Luca Cupery

(spa therapies, adventure tours( horseback riding, surf lessons if allowable with cover restrictions) and Temescal Shamanic sweat lodge are available at an additional cost)

***Resort service tip, and airfare to Puerto Vallarta are *not* included.

***Airport shuttle from and to the Haramara resort (due to COVID-19 precautions, we are allowing you to choose your own transportation to and from the airport. We personally recommend the shuttle provided by the Haramara retreat.)


Because this is an annual sold out retreat, cabana options will be limited and  A deposit is required to hold your space. Contact Dr. Lynn with your payment options.

The pricing of your stay depends on the cabana type you choose whether coming solo, with a friend or a group. Each of the pricing packages below are per person and include your 7 night stay in beautifully designed elegant open air cabanas, open to the ocean and jungle with private bathrooms, showers, with king, or 2  or 3  beds enhanced with mosquito nets for the evening. These pricing options include all organic meals designed by Dr. Lynn for optimum nutrients and cleansing, 4-5 freshly made juices/day, all detoxing supplements, teas and shakes.  Each pricing option also includes your daily interactive classes w/ Dr. Lynn and Andrea and daily yoga with Luca.  If you are coming as a single participant but prefer the lower cost option of a double or triple Cabana type,  please contact Dr. Lynn for availability and options for rooming with another participant.

Private Single person Cabana –1  Cabana  left

              $3695/per person


Double Cabana – 2 Cabanas left (4 spaces)

               $2995/per person


Triple Cabana  6 Spaces available

              $2795/ per person


Quad Cabana  (only one space left)

              $2595/per person


Pricing Specials:

****Payment plans available when you secure your spot with a $500 deposit (non refundable) until June 1, 2021.****

email Dr. Lynn at or for more information.

Type of Retreat: Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Dr. Lynn von Schneidau
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 206-779-7869
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:

A message from Dr. Lynn:

Hello and Welcome! I want to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my journey that has led me to Haramara. I am Dr. Lynn von Schneidau. I began quite a  long journey toward becoming a Naturopathic Doctor after my own healing crisis at age 23. Shortly after attending undergraduate school at  UCSB I became very ill.  After numerous surgeries and Md’s who told me I  was infertile and would not be able to have children and offered me a full hysterectomy at the age of 23, I declined and went to Mexico for treatment at the Gerson clinic in 1985. It was there I learned the power of food as medicine and the bodies innate ability to heal itself when impediments are taken away and the body is flooded with live nutrients.   After that  life altering healing therapy, I conceived 3 beautiful children, Zachary, Nicholaus and Jenna (all water births born at home). I moved from Denver to Santa Barbara, became a massage therapist, then to moved  Vail, Colorado for 10 years,  I  was a massage therapist, raising her babies and then decided to pursue my dream of helping others as a Naturopathic Physician. I had to go back to school to take prerequisites – while pregnant with my 3rd I had to travel over the mountain pass in blizzards to take Organic Chemistry. My daughter, Jenna was born on the midterm date and with came to my 5 hour final with me!  I began  Naturopathic Medical School At Bastyr in Seattle, WA, in 1995 with my 3 young children in tow (ages 1, 3 and 4).  I have been a practicing dually Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Seattle for over 17 years and a new practice in Santa Barbara, Ca this year. In 2008 I formed my company Pure Renewal to take people out of their stressful lives to  beautiful locations around the world.  My vision for this business was to take   participants out of the craziness of every day life and immerse them what it feels like to be truly  healthy in all areas of their lives.  The serene amazing spaces in nature, in conjunction with  Cleansing physical, emotional and mental toxins without outside influences have been life transforming. Everything I imagined for these retreats and the difference made in peoples life and health  in one week’s time has truly changed my life and allowed me to meet the most wonderful people who will be friends for life.  I have lead 25 retreats in beautiful locations around the globe- Haramara is my favorite.

A message from Andrea:

I have always taken my health seriously and have for many years had the fortitude to eat well to ensure that my body was properly nourished. It was during a time of my own personal health challenge that I made the connection between unresolved and stuffed emotional issues and my health. Although I’ve kept away from sugar and sodas, have no high blood pressure or high cholesterol and for the most part have a healthy constitution and strong immune system – Heck, I never even catch a cold……. but I have been plagued with 3 brain tumors. All were benign but all did require neurosurgery. It is not something that you ever want to have to experience and certainly not 3 times. Those experiences shaped my life and life’s work. I have been a successful business consult and able to translate my work and direct it toward people to develop a strategic plans health well being and happiness. 

A message from Luca (our yoga instructor):

I believes that every human body has a deep intelligence that needs to be approached with sincerity, curiosity, and compassionate devotion. For over 19 years I have dedicated myself to the practice and study of Yoga. I began teaching in 2006 after 6 months of studying in India. My teaching draws inspiration from many sources: nature, travel, Traditional Chinese Medicine, music, Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart, the work of Bob Cooley and his Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training, and her studies in psychology. My class offers a time and place for you to tune in to listen to the natural wisdom of your body and your heart and to celebrate your inherent strength and freedom through a blend of guided active stretches, asana, relaxation and spontaneous movement. The intention is that you can arrive more fully in your experience and check in with what lies just under its surface. The hope is that you can be more comfortable within yourself, no matter what state or shape you think you’re in. excited about supporting your process of unpacking, unwinding, moving, and releasing what you don’t need to carry and, as a result, making space for more of the good stuff. The invitation is simple: be free, move spontaneously.

I began working with Dr. Lynn in 2018 in my wellness center and yoga studio, Yogasoup in Santa Barbara. She was a participant in my classes and began teaching a series of classes in our studio. We formed an immediate bond and she invited me with her to Haramara in 2019. It was an experience I will never forget and I am both honored and excited to be a part of this amazing space and healing journey again this year.