Homecoming: A Return to Self

Mar. 27 - Apr. 3, 2021

When we think of “coming home”, we imagine an unlearning, a remembrance, a softening… a surrender that happens deep within our Soul. Our “Homecoming Retreat” is truly a journey, born from a passion for connection: with Self, sisterhood, and “Spirit” – whatever that looks like for you.

Throughout this week, you will be given the opportunity to truly slow down, and surrender; to breathe the sun up over the mountains each morning, and watch as it peacefully sinks below the horizon at night; to truly get in touch with nature’s cycles + rhythms.

Using the practices of kundalini movement, meditation, self-study, and ceremony, we will learn how to be present with the process. We will sit with our joy, our sorrow, and explore the spectrum of our Being.  When we access this place of curiosity with compassion, layers of our selves will be revealed, and we will come face to face with the truth and tangible “realness: that rests within.

The wisdom we find in these moments of real intimacy will awaken us, and transform us… and the sacred land at the Haramara will hold you through it.

Which is why we say that this is more than a yoga retreat. Rather, a call – an invitation – to those of you who crave a deeper intimacy with yourSelf, and with the world; who desire a space to reclaim and remember all of Who and What you are.

So join us at this heavenly place, where the ocean meets the jungle.

Let’s witness and celebrate one another in this Divine time of collective healing, as we embark on this journey Home.

Are you ready?

Packages include:

    • 7 nights in a luxury cabana
    • 3 gourmet, organic, locally sourced meals per day
    • Two daily sessions (morning and afternoon) including yoga, meditation, guided self-study + group healing
    • Sound healing, bonfire + song circle
    • Access to Haramara’s saltwater infinity pool, private beach and grounds
    • All resort taxes + fees
    • An unconditionally loving space to come home to yourself; to reclaim and remember all of who and what you are.


Quad: $1,800 per person

Triple: $2,300 per person

Double: $2,700 per person

Single: $3,500 per person

Pricing Specials:

Early Bird Pricing $200 off Regular Price – available until October 31, 2020

Regular Pricing from November 1, 2020 – March 20, 2021

Type of Retreat: Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Jade Wolfe
Contact Email: homecomingretreat@gmail.com
Contact Phone Number: Not Applicable
Online Registration: https://www.jadewolfe.ca/event-details/homecoming-sayulita-mexico

About the Instructors:


With an authentic, introspective, holistic and intuitive approach, Jade brings a high level of compassion, radiance and overall joy into her yoga and healing offerings. Her passion for movement began at an early age as she experienced a resonance and potent energy shift of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Her sound medicine journeys facilitate sacred healing by the use of channelling vibration through a host of instruments including Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, drumming, and the gong. Jade truly believes in using a combination of sound, breath, movement and stillness to recipe an empowering contribution to personal growth and transformation.


Jenn River is a trauma-informed facilitator of gatherings and sacred ceremonies for womxn. Her work was born from her desire to create space, inspiring spaces to search for meaning in our pain – in our story – alongside an empowered community of other womxn also seeking a deeper sense of purpose and understanding. She truly believes that we cannot move out of our pain unless we transform it, and we cannot transform it until we learn from it. So, she creates and leads offerings for womxn to gather and connect with self, sisterhood, and spirit, and dive deep into self-exploration with support and unconditional love.