Playing with Infinity

March 6-12, 2021

Playing with Infinity is a magical gathering, which at its foundation is rooted in exploring consciousness, discovering pockets of inspiration in your life that you may not even know existed, and building strength in your personal, family, and professional life.

An Infinity Retreat is as much an event, as it is a shift in consciousness to finding your true self and your innate place within our infinite universe.

The unique approach we created is a fusion of ancient and modern consciousness raising techniques. A life-changing experience designed to provide maximum benefits.

Packages include:

We create an outstanding setting in which you will experience:
    • 3 plant medicine ceremonies
    • Kambô detox (optional)
    • Sananga treatments (optional)
    • Integration, personal support and individual guidance
    • Yoga classes
    • organic food


$ 2,950 USD- per person in double occupancy

$ 3,950 USD- single occupancy (recommended)

Type of Retreat: Creative

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Marie Lou and Anke
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: +52 56 2081 2737
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:

Anke and Marie Lou are knowledgeable and experienced curanderas.

They’ve led plant medicine ceremonies for more than fifteen years. They spend months in the Peruvian jungle in shamanic diets in isolation with numerous master plants.
Known for their outstandingly protected ceremony setting and an authentic approach to the discovery of self, Anke and Marie Lou have led over 1,000 ceremonies.

Their teachers are most experienced masters like Kestembetsa and Juan Flores, life coaches like Tony Robbins, visionary Marko Evore, energy healer Michael Barnett and other mentors who focus on meditation, body, and breathwork.

Anke and Marie Lou have co-created a unique environment, uniting ancient wisdom with modern consciousness-raising techniques.


“Of all ceremonies I’ve experienced so far,  this last one with Anke and Marie Lou was the most profound and transformative for me. They are true masters of creating a beautiful, safe and sacred space that allowed me to be vulnerable, go deep and explore unknown realms. Their gentle, yet powerful, wise guidance allowed me to surrender, open and receive revelations and wisdom. The integration circles were very supportive of the whole process. Receiving feedback and reflections from Anke and Marie Lou was potent and spot-on. The small group size was perfect for me, creating a sacred safe container. If called to, I highly recommend Infinity Retreat with Anke and Marie Lou.“
-Therese D.

“I have had the utmost privilege and pleasure of being in ceremony with Anke and Marie Lou... they are the REAL DEAL! The space they hold is super clean and ideal for doing deep work, they work with integrity and carry an immense amount of Wisdom, they quite simply are beautiful people and Souls.“
- Luke S.

“I have participated in a number of plant medicine ceremonies that cleared emotional and energetic blockages leaving me feeling lighter and more centered.  My time with Anke and Marie Lou took me to the next level.  Their medicine, their individual attention, and their insights and guidance were instrumental in helping me have an incredibly transformative experience.”
-Lisa R.