Sol in the Soul

April 4 - 11, 2020

Haramara is our first ever re-treat. In seven years of global travels there is no better place to rest your heart than in the Corazon of the Mexican Pacific. This retreat centre is an endless focus of delight. It boasts large open-aired cabañas, spacious enough to outgrow one’s personality. For nourishment, 3 delicious gourmet meals are provided daily in an open air restaurant. Revel in breathtaking sunset views that overlook the jungle, soak in vitamin D with the music of a glittering sea. Let your body become fully alive as you recharge your spirit in the groove of two classes per day in the joy that binds everything together.

Haramara, an acclaimed jewel of the yoga world.
This retreat is an embrace of unforgettable friendships.
Seven days of life-loving moments making the room to BE YOU.

Packages include:

Morning Pranayama + Meditation

2 yoga classes daily (from classical Hatha to the depths of Yin)

3 delicious meals daily

2 workshops in the week (Yoga-related)

7 nights open-air cabaña accommodation


Women’s Dormitory $1800
Triple Occupancy $2050
Double Occupancy $2300


• All prices listed are in USD per person.


$500 USD Deposit required for registration

Pricing Specials:

Retreated with Savoir Yoga before? Save $250 on your tuition.


Save $50 on your tuition when you pay in a single payment (no deposit).

Type of Retreat: Yoga
Style of Yoga: Hatha

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Deanne Brunelle
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 778-822-9243
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:



16 years teaching experience, teaching throughout the world; retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings in many modalities of yoga, and still, none of this matters if I can’t lead you into the here and now of your YOUniverse.
Join me on the mat, investigate and excavate… Yoga will reveal Self.
Embody breath as a tool to release the body’s daily reaction to stress and tension. Breathe to free the mind. What else is there? — IT’S ALL YOGA !
The postures are metaphors/situations for how you live. They are situations in which YOU find yourself. How you do the yoga IS what you do in your life. How YOU do this posture, what comes up in the posture (anger, grief, judgement, maybe joy) is what YOU experience in your life. If you work backwards, you will uncover how to be free… right now.
Teaching for over 11 years. Troy works internationally as a yoga teacher, teaching Consciousness as the most important aspect of the teaching of Yoga, he points to ‘it’ and witnesses people uncover for themselves what has always been ‘there.’ Troy was an Interventionist (helping families work through addiction and treatment), and as a Gestalt therapist incorporating yoga and breathing as the cornerstone for people healing themselves.