Coming Home to Yourself: Retreat, Unplug, Unwind, Find Bliss

March 14 - 21, 2020

THE INVITATION: You’re invited to a week of retreat from the stresses of every day life.  We will create the space for you to experience the expansion of time and a potent reconnection to Being itself.  We humans too often operate in a state where our true nature is obscured by a mountain of daily tasks, the numbing attachment to tech devices, the pursuit of material security and achievement, our nervous systems on constant high alert from bombarding stimuli. We are tossed by the waves of emotions and trapped in a hamster wheel of worries and “should’s.”

This week is about allowing your mind and body to unwind in a profound way; and sinking into the peace, joy, and contentment that arise from contacting your ever-present and vast nature as Being.

Experience the power of your breath, the medicine of movement, the beauty and mystery of the tropical jungle and the pacific sea, the levity of play time and new adventures, and the healing nature of a yoga community.

You have everything you need inside of you already to feel joy and contentment and bliss.  Come home to yourself and let these qualities radiate.


We use the physical body, breath, energetic body (including an exploration & balancing of the chakra system), meditation, and philosophy in the journey back home to yourself.

Morning daily practice: a luxurious extended practice

  • ASANA (physical poses) – a blend of Hatha and Vinyasa

  • PRANAYAMA (breath practices) to awaken the energetic body

  • MEDITATION as a tool for “homecoming”. Meditation will include a combination of the vipassana style to cultivate immediate presence, and dynamic tantric techniques to connect to our unbound potential and vastness as beings.


Evening daily practice: a varied selection of restful practices

  • RESTORATIVE YOGA – for soothing, relaxing, calming

  • YIN – deep opening and release

  • YOGA NIDRA – a powerfully restorative “yogic sleep”


Special Topic Sessions to be offered 2-3 times during the week in the late afternoon.  Topics may include Yoga Fundamentals, Inversions workshop, Intuitive Eating & Nutrition Discussion, Making Peace with Your Body, The Art of Tiny Acts of Self-Care; actual sessions offered will be based on retreat participant interest.

Packages include:

Lodging, three gourmet meals per day, twice daily yoga & meditation practice, 2-3 special topic sessions, use of retreat center facilities.


Dorm: $1,550 (8 single beds in large cabana w/ 2 shared bathrooms)

Quad occupancy: $1,695

Triple occupancy: $1,825

Double occupancy: $2,075

Single occupancy $3,095

Except in the dorm, all cabanas can be configured with king or single beds

Pricing Specials:

*Early bird pricing: $100 discount until Oct 14, 2019.

**$50 Off total price if you choose to pay retreat balance by check. (All deposits to register are to be paid online with credit card or PayPal.  Link to register below).

Type of Retreat: Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Julia Hollenberg
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 802-695-0535
Online Registration:

About Julia Hollenberg

Julia is a yoga teacher of 10 years, food + body therapist, and an advocate for body liberation for all people. She is passionate about helping you as a student to come home to yourself through movement and mindfulness, create a trusting and peaceful relationship to your body, and move through the world with more ease.

Julia’s class is an energetic experience that aims to leave you feeling calm, alert, and more resilient to life’s ups and downs. Through mindful movement and meditation, she encourages you to gently turn inward, listening to and honoring your sensations and intuition. Class by class, you’ll cultivate intimate self-awareness and a deep well of self-compassion. Julia is known for her creativity and clarity in making challenging poses accessible and fun.

Elements that influence Julia’s teaching style are a blend of old and new. They include buddhist philosophy, vipassana meditation, tantra, neuroscience and psychology. Her teachers are Alan and Sarah Finger, and Mona Anand at Ishta yoga.

As an anti-diet Dietitian, Julia has a private nutrition practice based in Seattle. She helps people break free from restrictive eating and body shame forever so they can live their most full and vibrant lives.

For fun, Julia loves taking day hikes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and salsa dancing.

200-hour & 500-hour training at Ishta Yoga, New York City, 2008-2009.