FRESH: Deepening Intimacy

February 8 - 15, 2020

You love each other. You have a strong foundation as a couple, but you know there’s MORE! Join us over Valentines Day 2020 for a week in paradise at Haramara, ​one of the most beautiful retreat centers in Mexico… and the world. By day, learn the art of more fully loving yourself and your partner. By night, to the roar of ocean surf, revel together in the deeper intimacy you’ve re-discovered.

​In a safe and welcoming environment, expert guides Mary Campbell and Nicolai Grosell lead you through practical explorations including:

    • Skillful ways to communicate your desires both verbally and non-verbally
    • How to come back to deeper intimacy after a fight
    • Learning about male and female arousal anatomy and sacred spot touch
    • Breathwork for more powerful connection and greater pleasure​

It is possible to see your partner with fresh eyes, bring play back into your relationship, and experience an ever-expanding level of connection and vitality.

In this week in paradise, experience how to:

    • Expand your body’s capacity to channel Nature’s erotic energy
    • Take tantric intimacy practices beyond the hype and into your life
    • Understand, align and enjoy each other’s personal love languages
    • Deepen and empower your passion and connection with simple body meditation practices
    • Safely broach unexplored, and too often, threatening territory with a safe and compassionate guide
    • Move stagnant relationship energy
    • Practice breathwork on the beach
    • ​If desired, there is room for one-to-one work to express and explore what can arise during the week.

FRESH is created specifically as an intimate retreat for only 8 couples and space is filling up fast.

This is a rare opportunity to receive abundant coaching and personal time with two master professionals, in an exquisite retreat experience.

Great relationships are built on open communication and trust. But when differences emerge, in or out of the bedroom, too often we don’t know how to talk about what’s coming up, don’t know how to move through and beyond into renewed connection and sweetness. Then it can feel easiest just to stay silent. Couples often avoid hitting up against those same old disagreements, but in so doing ​they lose the potential for the vibrant juicy relationship they most desire.

Then they sacrifice truth and sexual vibrancy for what feels like peace, but is actually a deadened connection.

And the fun is gone!

We believe that a committed relationship can actually be its own fast tract to spiritual enlightenment. When a couple is willing to let themselves be annealed in the fire of mutual respect, forgiveness, and honesty, what results is a real sense of personal freedom, deepened love, ​and abiding sexual connection.

This is what every couple hopes for, but few have the opportunity to access an experienced and wise guides. And fewer still let their desire for a life of love lead the way ​instead of living on maybe someday hopes and imagined dreams. ​Relationships have the potential to be ​so much more real and juicy than most couples are willing to tolerate!

Packages include:

3 Gourmet pescatarian meals per day

An open air private casita for each couple with ocean views and access

Morning yoga/qi gong

Daily morning group learning sessions

Men’s group sessions

Women’s group sessions

Several evening delights

Couple’s homework assigned (as instructors are inspired to)

Temescal sweat lodge experience


Optional (added cost):

-private sessions with Nicolai and/or Mary

-spa treatments

-tours to indigenous sites

-whale watches


Not included:


-transfers from airport (shuttle available, arrival best between 12-4pm)


$4597 per couple

$750 per couple non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation.

Payments may be made by check in agreed-upon increments.

Full payment is required by November 1, 2019.


Cancellation policy before November 1:

Through October 31, we are happy to refund your payment less deposit.

If we are able to fill your spot after November 1, you will receive a full refund, less deposit.


Type of Retreat: Creative, Wellness
Style of Yoga:

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Mary Campbell
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 413-329-7477
Online Registration:

About the Instructors:

Mary Campbell

First, I’m a continual adventurer into intimacy. But I didn’t start out that way. Growing up in a loving but religiously restrictive home, I had very little connection to my body. Still, I innately knew that deep committed connection was my path. An early marriage (and my romantic idealism) faded when inevitable intimacy issues arose that we had no sense of how to address.

​It wasn’t until my mid-40s that I began a serious search into my own core defensive compensations and recurring struggles in relationship. I couldn’t hide out any more. It was after nearly 20 years of a long-term marriage and mothering 3 children that I “remembered” an early incident of sexual abuse. As I began to peel back the cultural overlay of dis-respect for the feminine and my own long-standing and unrecognized repression, I launched into the adventure that has become my calling: to release all that stands in the way of living ALIVE in my own erotic life-force energy … and assisting others in adventuring there, too.

Over the last 15 years I have been devoted to the ancient teachings and practices of tantra and qigong, and have attended or assisted in more personal growth, spiritual, and relationship trainings than I can count. I am certified as an Exceptional Marriage Mentor (where Nicolai and I met) and am accredited and endorsed through Caroline Muir’s Divine Feminine Institute’s rigorous program as a spiritual/sexual educator and practitioner.

Then in 2013, after two years of focused study, I was ordained as an inter-spiritual minister through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City, bringing together my devotion to Deep Connection and my passion for living fully alive in this body, in this lifetime.

We all carry wounds that, if not released, limit the joy we might feel in life. Most people are willing to live half-alive, satisfied with the patterns they’ve created to avoid exploring what hinders real living. But we are destined for more. Love is our essence, and loving another well through years of life creates a rare and magnificent life!

I’ve watched how healing happens most powerfully when our bodies are involved instead of ignored. Through my work, I have had the pleasure to personally assist well over 100 singles and couples who were no longer satisfied with life as usual… or who knew there had to be more to intimacy than what they’d experienced thus far. It’s my particular joy to accompany couples in welcoming Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body to dance together.

I am also a frequent blogger at and the author of the forthcoming book, The Pleasure Playbook: 13 Invitations for Awakening Joy. I lead retreats and workshops for women and couples in New England, Central America, and New Zealand, teach on-line and FB live workshops, and coach and counsel couples, individuals, and groups as we re-unite the sensual, sexual, and spiritual to live the life all humans were meant to enjoy. ​

You can learn more about Mary at her website:


Nicolai Grosell

​I believe that we’re built to be joyful. But most of us haven’t been raised with the tools to live that way. I grew up in Denmark with parents who had no idea how to be happy together. My father used teasing and sarcasm to show his love. Not the best choice!

I moved to the states in my early 20’s to work as a freelance fashion photographer, living a high-flying, rock and roll lifestyle. It wasn’t until an early marriage and my life fell apart that I found my way to a core energetic therapist and began to ask deeper questions.

Beneath the shiny surface I was an angry guy. But this work gave me a more effective way than drugs or working out to release the energy of early traumas trapped in my body.

As I grew in awareness of my own issues and actively raised my daughter, I realized I could no longer work in a field that fed her an idealized and unattainable image of beauty. So after ten years of this body-based therapy and learning to move the energy in my body while bringing consciousness to my own issues I began a 5-year study of core energetics and made a shift in careers.

Every day I watch clients making lasting changes and living more joyful lives when old pain is released through energetic movement. We bring consciousness to old patterns and free ourselves from the bonds they hold. This individual work plays a powerful role in deepening intimacy in relationships.

Couples that are committed to moving the energy in their relationships instead of perseverating and fighting over the day-to-day frustrations often find it possible to live in the joy they’d always hoped to find.

Long term commitment to a life partner is for many the greatest undertaking we will ever encounter. As two people join together, their shared life can become truly exceptional when they are willing to build a marriage of security and adventure, individuality and intimacy, harmony and conflict, the cozy and the erotic, the powerful and the most vulnerable. I’m honored to assist couples in this extraordinary life path.

You can find more about Nicolai at his website: