Movement, Connection and Collaboration

November 30 - December 7, 2019

This retreat is about bringing people together from around the globe to create an open space to celebrate the joy of movement, gathering and collaboration. We will breathe, move, and learn together through asana, meditation and workshops.   There is such power and value in our collective consciousness to create change in ourselves and our planet through kindness, gratitude and inner-strength. This week at the Haramara, through a combination of yoga, nourishing food and free time, we will have the opportunity to step back, appreciate, restore, rejuvenate, relax….and have fun!

During the week, you will be guided by 4 Yoga Alliance Certified teachers from different parts of the world (Canada, US, France and the UK), each with unique backgrounds and a passion for yoga.  United initially through yoga teacher training, we share a vision of creating a yoga space that enables collaboration and learning while nurturing each unique person. A space where all ages and abilities are embraced.   Our goal is to work on the building blocks that improve balance, mobility, strength and body-mind connection.  So as it always is in yoga, we the teachers will be both energetic students and your humble yoga guides for the week.

We come together with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to share yoga and spend a week together in an amazing space that is defined by Simplicity, beauty, peace and the depth of a natural open spaces. “

Packages include:

Package includes:
7 nights accommodation November 30 check in – December 7th – check out
3 delicious locally sourced meals per day
2 yoga classes per day (morning and evening)
Daily morning meditation
*All yoga sessions given by us are on a non-profit basis*


Single            $1925/person USD 7 nights                  plus 19% Mexico tax
Double           $1190/person USD for 7 nights           plus 19% Mexico tax
Triple             $1015/person USD for 7 nights            plus 19% Mexico tax
Quad             $875/person USD for 7 nights               plus 19% Mexico tax
Dorm             $805/person USD for 7 nights               plus 19% Mexico tax

Pricing Specials:

*All yoga sessions given by us are on a non-profit basis*

Type of Retreat: Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Additional Information, Questions & Registration:

Contact Name: Dar Kozub
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 1-403-689-1805

About the Instructors:

Vanessa Rainbow
I came to yoga over 25 years ago, back before it was trendy,  It has been the one constant in my life since, guiding me steadily through good times and bad.  I have been blessed with wonderful teachers from the beginning and studied Iyengar, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga.  Blending this I love to teach the right yoga for the right class/individual. Most of all though, I just like a good, simple life: tasty, healthy food; meeting interesting people; time in nature; some love and laughter.   I am Yoga Alliance certified and also a qualified homeopath.

Dar Kozub
Yoga has been and continues to be a force for positive change in my life for more than 20 years. Through various life stages, phases, aches and injuries yoga has helped me to  listen, learn, nurture and embrace the changes and challenges that are part of a full life.   If yoga can encourage people to be inspired about what they can accomplish, starting from exactly where they are – to feel their own grace, beauty and power – this is true empowerment. I love the idea of bringing people together to reinforce that by treading peacefully, kindly and strongly within ourselves and on the earth, we can bring about great change. I am inspired by many teachers and I am always honored to be able to teach and share my passion for yoga, breath work and mindful alignment with others.

Jo Greenwood
I found yoga at a time in my life where I needed to find balance – a balance of movement and stillness, busyness and calm, love and boundaries, striving and acceptance. My practice taught me to pause and breath into my experiences and get moving and healthy again. Today, as a busy mum of three and a working professional, yoga is where I hold space for the calm and stability I need to take back into everyday life. This is what I hope to share through my teaching. My work as an Educational and Child Psychologist with families and schools has both been influenced by and mutually influences my yoga practice – an interesting mix of Eastern and Western philosophies.

Leslie Ball
I first stepped into a yoga room 10 years ago with the intention of helping heal an injury.  Through daily devotion and discipline, it grew ( as it does)  from physical healing to so much more. A constant grounding, returning and re-setting.  It has helped me find clarity navigating parenting 3 daughters, moving from friends and family in Canada to the U.S.  and changing from a career in healthcare to becoming a small business artisan.  Living more consciously with constant discernment and searching for truth and authenticity has been such an incredible part of the journey. I feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with others and excited and eager to learn and evolve as well. Yoga is a beautiful vehicle for self-discovery and with this more compassion, forgiveness, and ease can not only exist but touch the world off the mat.  If we can do all this with love, laughter and levity then we have truly found our power.