Medicine Women: Awaken Through the Seasons of Womanhood

November 16 - 23, 2019

Inside of you, in the pretty, tidy, sweet parts and in the ugly, messy, horrifying parts, lives everything that you have ever wanted, needed, or believed yourself to be separate from. You are an endless well of medicine, asking to be more deeply imbibed with every setback and every breakthrough you will ever face on the path of life. You are the ultimate source of beauty, love, and truth ready to be more fully awakened, received, and offered out into the world with clarity and purpose.

You are the medicine sister.
You are the way.

Medicine Women is your sacred invitation to remember who you really are, through the innate wisdom of your own body, the ecstatic pleasure of your own aliveness, the incredible miracle of your own love, the unfaltering guidance of your own voice, and the unquestionable intelligence of the wild within you. If you feel a longing to truly deeply claim your power, your radiance, your ecstasy, your sensuality, and your love, we are blessed to receive you sister.

Welcome home to what has always been yours.

“On a scale of 1-10 it’s a 100! I feel like a new woman, so much more in touch with my emotions and feelings and with a stronger voice. It left an impression on me that I will take with me for my lifetime.”

The classes absolutely blew my mind! I had no idea that ‘yoga’ would be so deep and powerful and bring out so much in me both physically and mentally.”

“10 out of 10. It was spiritual, enlightening, adventurous, and all-around fabulous. I feel like I loved more in that week than I did in the past year.

“The overall experience is beyond words for me. I can’t think of anything I wish was different, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far.

“12/10. I am forever changed and transformed more in a matter of a week than I could have ever imagined going into the experience.”

“The whole retreat experience was absolutely insane! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would fall in love with every single person who came together in this group, open up and show so much of my vulnerable self, grow and transform faster than I could comprehend, all in a week! If I could change anything, it would be that I wish it didn’t have to end.

“100 of of 10. No joke. This was the single most important week of my life to date. How do you rate that?”

“It was the deepest most powerful experience I’ve ever had.”

For seven days and seven nights, embraced by the Sierra Madre jungle mountains and the wild beauty of the Pacific Ocean, we will re-awaken the magic, the secrets, and the wisdom that women have known since the beginning of time, to open portals for our own deepest, truest, authentic knowing.

Journeying around the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, calling in the Meso-American Goddesses, the Body of Mother Earth, the Snake of Transformation, the Jaguar of Rebirth, the Hummingbird of Truth, the Spirit of Father Sky, and the Eagle of New Beginnings, we will receive our own medicine through deeply embracing, healing, and awakening the Magical Child, the Sensual Maiden, the Fierce Mother, and the Wise Witch within all of us, uniting our Bodies and Souls in Love.

This will be an unforgettable week of true sacredness, authentic sisterhood, mind blowing practices, deep self reclaiming, emotional wholeness, magical ceremonies, and joyous playtime in wild tropical paradise. Be prepared to rapidly transform, to fall in love with your humanness, and to remember yourself at the deepest level.

Our Journey

Opening Ceremony: Entering the Heart of the Medicine Wheel
Day One: Mother Earth, Our Physical Bodies, and Goddess Ixcacao of Chocolate
Day Two: The South, Our Teenage Years, Snake Medicine, Goddess Tlaxolteotl the Patroness of Sinners
Day Three: The West, Our Motherhood Years, Jaguar Medicine, Goddess Ixchel of the Moon
Day Four: The North, Our Wise Woman Years, Hummingbird Medicine, Goddess Mictacacihuatl of the Underworld
Day Five: Father Sky, Our Spirit, and God Itzamma of Divine Wisdom
Day Six: The East, Our Childhood Years, Eagle Medicine, Goddess Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent of Awakening

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Packages include:

7  Nights Eco Luxury Accommodation
It’s rare to find those sanctuaries that hold you in both sweet elegance and also raw nature, and Haramara is precisely that. Set on 12 acres of private land, with lush jungle and a golden sand beach, most of the property is completely untouched and wild. Nestled into the hills are jungle and oceanview cabanas named after precious stones (Amethyst, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and more) with luxurious white linens, special touches, and open air bathrooms with hot water showers. The cabanas are off-grid and lit by candles and oil lamps at night which creates an incredibly magical atmosphere and a natural transition into healthy sleep. The sense of privacy, quietude, and peace you feel on this land is unparalleled. It’s a space to receive the deepest reset from Mother Earth herself.

Healthy Gourmet Meals
We’re here to nourish your body and soul with the most delicious vibrant food in Mexico. Haramara sources all of their produce from local organic vendors and create mouth watering dishes that are comforting, satisfying, and healthy. Expect fresh juices like tamarind ginger, homemade guacamole, and elegant twists on Mexican fusion food. There’s also a healthy bar beside the pool with green juices, fresh coconuts, superfood smoothies, and snacks available all day long.

Daily Morning Embodiment Practices (2 hours)
Our embodiment practices are the heart of our retreat and we go deep to discover our truth and access our essence. All of our practices are a form of Body Intimacy, a unique modality I have developed over years of practice, that weaves multi-dimensional yoga, transcendental dance, breathwork, priestess rituals, and deep intimacy with your flesh and bones. Embodiment practices are inspired by my training as a teacher of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Tantra, and DANCEmandala. Women describe our practices as nothing short of mind blowing.

Daily Women’s Circles and Ceremonies (3 hours)
Each day we will come together in sacred sisterhood, in circle as women have done for eons, to share our hearts and our wisdom with one another. This is a very heart opening time to connect with your womanhood through the reflections of one another and shift energy in big ways. Ceremonies will vary and include:
Angelic Breathwork Ceremonies (journeying through ecstatic dance, heart sharing, and open mouth circular breathing we open a portal to receive divine wisdom and insight from our highest selves, based on my training as a facilitator of Breath of Bliss in the rebirthing lineage)
Cacao Ceremonies (receiving the heart activating medicine of Goddess Ixcacao in women’s circle)
Fire Burning Ceremony (releasing what’s ready to be transformed and transmuted in beach bonfire ceremony)
Water Ritual Beach Ceremony (blessings and healings for ourselves through the power of our womb space in sacred grief ritual at the ocean)
Shamanic Temescal (traditional Mexican sweatlodge where we re-enter the womb of Earth and leave reborn through sweating our prayers)

Magical Nature Excursions
Nature is the clearest reflection of our truest selves, and we will connect with the magical gorgeous paradise land that surrounds us. Our home is a playground in and of itself, with our abundant nature and beach, but we will also have at least one group excursion out to the National Marine Park of the Marietas islands.

Bonding, Tribe, Genuine LOVE
We create an environment of real deal FAMILY, TRIBE, CONNECTION, and SISTERHOOD. This is a space where you can truly be yourself and fall in love with the women opening their hearts right beside you. Our highest intention is to support one another in birthing more love into the world. Everything we do is for Love.


Shared Luxury Dorm:

Double Luxury Cabana:

Private Luxury Cabana:

“I thought I started my self growth journey in 2014 but that was surface child’s play compared to a retreat with Camille. I had my mind blown, emotions unleashed, soul awakened, heart expanded and body enriched. I have never created such sacred bonds of sisterhood, selfhood or with nature. Every day was filled with mystery, magic and revelation. If you feel like a fire has burned out, dwindled or perhaps is waiting to be lit inside of you, this is the spark you need to ignite. Prepare to shine like you’ve never shined in your life.”
Alessandra F, Ad Sales Rep

“Even though I’ve been practicing yoga for years, I’ve never felt this level of connection. Through the embodiment practices, I tapped into more expansiveness and sensation in my body than ever before. The dance meditation, the music, and the prompts helped me go so deep into my body and into my psyche to flush out stored memories and trauma. I let go of so much stagnant and stuck energy and feel like I’ve come out of the retreat rebirthed- fresh and new. Throughout the week, I was reminded of our divinity, our sacredness, the sacredness of everything, and our connection to everything. I felt like I had really embodied the Priestess- fully human and fully divine.”
Mona Luna, Yoga Teacher and Women’s Circle Creatrix


“I felt before I came it would be a life changing experience. But….omg …. I had no idea the depth of what I would experience and how much it would empower inspire and take me to another level within myself. I have tapped into the best part of me! It’s just beginning and I’m so excited to go from here and see where it leads me.”
Sandi W, Entrepreneur


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Type of Retreat: Creative, Wellness, Yoga
Style of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

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Contact Name: Camille Willemain
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Contact Phone Number: 2066050180
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About the Instructors:

”Camille stands as a guiding light for all womxn who are ready to transform their pain into power. It is an honor and pleasure to witness the way she always chooses her truth, her integrity, her Self, giving us all permission to do the same. She has unlocked dormant codes within me simply by being herself and choosing to show up no matter what. The experiences she creates are pure divine love and magic.” – Amanda B, Dance Performer and Women’s Circle Guide

Aloha love, I’m Camille and I’ll be creating and guiding our week together. My life’s work is to inspire women to live more fully in love with their bodies, one another, Mother Earth, and the paradoxical dance of life. Every part of you is sacred and I believe that with my whole entire heart. Our retreats are designed to be a living, breathing reminder of that truth for each and every single one of us.

I spent the majority of my 20s traveling the world, writing a blog read by millions of women ( and discovering every form of healing in every country I could possibly discover. In 2015 I started creating women’s retreats in Costa Rica, to share the fruits of my self discovery, and these gatherings have blossomed tremendously since then, into a true community of powerful sisterhood across Costa Rica, Thailand, Greece, and now Mexico.

While traditional yogic philosophy and asana sequences have formed the foundation for my practice, my own healing have come through inventing new ways of connecting with the body that expand beyond any limits or labels. To me, nature is the clearest reflection of our true nature, and feeling her heartbeat as mine is the ultimate yoga. This is how I learn, so this is how I teach.


Along with my certification and training hours as a yoga teacher, I’m also a dance meditation facilitator and have trained in many healing modalities including rebirthing breathwork, Hawaiian lomi lomi, tantra, women’s mystery schools, cacao ceremony, compassionate listening, Gene Keys and Human Design, and much more. On retreat I weave together various modalities to support you in remembering your wisdom, your innocence, your beauty, your truth.

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